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 Gender: F
 Height: 2.5 in
 Created: January 9th, 2022
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Pepper Mini Lore:
Above all: "Anything goes, as long as its cute"

The following is perfered to be followed as much as possible, but ultimately, the bottom line with Minis is that she/they are a force of amusement and gentle good vibes. Even when they (rarely) get 'scary', its in an adorable fashion.
(switches between 'she' and 'they' is reflective of the Minis fluctuation numbers. Sometimes there is just the one, other times you might find yourself surrounded by millions)

-Mini is she, and she is many. It is unknown exactly how many there are or where they all go.
-All minis are roughly the size of a standard cupcake. She does not change shape, nor is effected by any sort of transformation magic/tech. However, she adores cosplay (should transformation effects be attempted, the likely result will be some form of cosplay outfit). While her gender is 'girl', her sex is n/a. she is effectively a 'doll' under that robe.
-Minis do not speak nor understand language, but are extremely empathic. Though they is not able to read, they can even pick up the essence of any text even as the meaning itself eludes them. For some reason, they recognize puns and wordplay very quickly and are often split between amusement or unimpressed judgement. While minis do not speak, they can purr and when they eat, she makes 'chittery' noises (much like squirrels), no matter how hard or soft the substance is.
-Minis can eat anything they view as 'noms'. Cookies, keys, rocks, magic, or hazardous materials.
-Minis can create snacks and small pillows/blankets for others, though they do not partake of their own treats, instead often seeking out sources of 'noms'
-Oddly, they do have a flavor for any that have reason to find out: often some mix of Strawberries, Magic, Coffee, or at the very least the flavor of the last thing they ate.
-Minis are squishy and warm, like a toasted marshmallow. To those that have taken the time to research and document as much as they could on these creatures, they have identified them as 'Marshmallow Imps'. Thought it is unknown exactly why that term was settled on for a mini is neither marshmallow nor imp. But she is a Marshmallow Imp and any form of scanning or detection tech/magic will identify her as such.
-Minis will try to be helpful, though the inability to communicate with others in any concrete way hinders this effort.
-Minis always have something of a 'cat frown'. But they aren't always sad. They emote through body language with their eyes.
-A mini can not be contained in any way. How they escape from any trap is not fully known. Whatever method(s) she uses to escape are can also be used to appear from anywhere. Minis go where they want.

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