Character art
Brett Black
By Platinumartist
Available to Challenge

Brett Black was your Veteran Police Officer whose was rising through the ranks. While cracking down on crime, a Mob Boss put a hit out on Brett's family. Shortly after Brett's family was killed, Brett managed to track down the Mob Boss who ordered the hit and took the law into his own hands and killed said Mob Boss. Due to the Power Vacuum in that Random City's Criminal Underworld, he has been relocated to Void City for "his own safety" ... more

6ft 1in
Character is open for cameos
Character is open for use in Regular, Sparring, and Beyond Battles
Brett Black’s Comics and Battles
Ohmageddon: Path of Conquest
Ohm the Conqueror vs "Eva" & Saal & Francis Herrman & Brett Black & Theakon
Regular Match
chat_bubble 7
The Great Switcheroo
Celif vs Brett Black
Tournament Match
chat_bubble 7
The Super V-Cup 2023
Multi Headed Nut Wizard vs Milly O'Nare vs Spawn Point vs Egg Dealer vs "Knight Owl" Corry vs Brett Black
Regular Match
chat_bubble 8
Dark Match Chronicles.
"Knight Owl" Corry vs Brett Black
Regular Match
chat_bubble 7
Arma 2022 Collab: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Itami & David Birch & Koosh and Lapin & Lilyfeather & Cornelius & Sovereign Greece & Sir Meredith Archibald esq. & Darren J. Cardinalis & Kurdis & Brett Black & Clever & Amelia & Jacob Gray
Beyond Battle
chat_bubble 9
The Lone Light in the Dark
Brett Black vs Rocío
Regular Match
chat_bubble 11
Faster Than Light Tournament, Round 1
Millie Might vs Brett Black
Regular Match
chat_bubble 11