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MF 4694 by StealRehn
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'8
 Created: November 2nd, 2021
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MF 4694 is not a human in the traditional sense. Officially, she is designated as a "Slate", a type of mass produced genetic clone born within a lab for a specific purpose. In this case, her purpose was that of a militaristic nature. Her particular line of Slates was intended to be a mass producible fighting force to replace human combatants for any nation, paramilitary, or mercenary group willing to pay for their creators for their service. On top of being 'programmed' with a good deal of combat knowledge from birth, MF was strictly drilled through combat exercises throughout her childhood, ensuring that she was the best soldier she could be, regardless of ethics. After a battle that left her commanding officer fatally wounded, MF was given a final order to abandon the pointless slaughter and attempt to forge her own path in life.

MF 4694 lacks any substantial personality traits. Her nature as obedient and expendable lab grown cannon fodder left her very lacking in emotions and expressiveness. She will often speak only in short and blunt phrases when engaged in conversation, and will analyze situations with a cold and pragmatic lens. Because of this, MF can easily come off as uncaring and callous.

However, she does possess a strong sense of curiosity due to her final order to live her own life. She wishes to learn more about socialization and civilian life, often confused by mundane actions that she was never meant to partake in.

MF has experience only in facing conventional human combatants, so will be taken greatly off guard when faced with supernatural beings, meta-humans, non-humans, etc.

-5 Inch combat knife
-7.62×51mm Fully Automatic Combat Rifle
-40 mm pump action Grenade Launcher (along with various Grenade types)
-9mm Handgun

Misc Info:
Slates, being artificially created beings, lack any sort of soul or spiritual connections

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