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 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'6
 Created: October 5th, 2021
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Nathaniel is a polite, hard-working young man. He's friendly, sweet and likes to lend a hand to others whenever he can. But that is just a façade; in reality he is incredibly indifferent and cold towards everyone else, a side of him that he hides from everyone else except his targets or those he's closest to.

He's Behemoth's top assassin, able to even take down metas regardless if he's a mere mortal. He's been in the assassin business since he was a child; he was recruited to Behemoth when he turned 17. He has been tasked to be Vincent's (Behemoth's strongest asset) handler, as he is the only one that could incapacitate him enough if he loses control.

====== SKILLS======
(these are incredibly polished due practice, but he's no meta)

His strengths rely on long-distance sniping and close-quarters assassinations

- Accuracy and precision
-Anatomy knowledge
-Very high pain tolerance (torture training)
-Polyglot; speaks several languages (German, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and Russian)


-Anything that could kill a human
-Drug abuse
-No self-worth

======= STORY SO FAR=====

-Arrived to Void City to make sure Vincent doesn't mess up his job
-He's working as a waiter in a café as cover-up job, keeping eyes and ears peeled for any info that might help their mission

======= EXTRA INFO======

-He's got a heroine addiction, he's overdosed a few times
-He takes anyone being cruel to him in stride
-Never shows his bare hands, he's always covering them with gloves

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