Angelina | Characters

Angelina | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 4\' 8
 Created: Prior to recording
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The history of Angelina:
Born from a wish,

The mystical Angel\'s Gate relic is a mysterious box created ages ago by an ancient race who believed they could open the very gate to heaven and bring an angel to flesh. However, myth and legends do not apply to the new age. Except for one man who reads of an old document, stating the Angel\'s Gate is actually used to create a being, that would do whatever the beholder wishes.

This avid collector, Dr. Nigel Grandall, is a crafty theif, only using his wit to capture what he wants, hires a vigilante to retreive the relic, which just lies in a local junk shop.

Just as the report of a break-in gets in, Hyper Gladiator Police Agent, Kevin Pageese, a strong-willed police enforcer quickly dashes to the scene, and after an arguous battle with the bulbous theif, suddenly triggers the artifact. Though the artifact was what collided with him, knocking him unconscious

As Kevin lay silent and helpless, what opened from the relic was true, an angel appeared before the theif and quickly disposed of him. However, something was amiss. Thought he angel had appeared, it was somewhat confused, unable of memory of what it was or what it was here for. But when it saw Kevin lying there, a memory slipped into her mind, a somewhat \"false memory\" programmed from the birth of Angel\'s Gate. She knew she had to be with him, for she loved Kevin with all her heart.

The next day, at the hospital, Kevin woke up, stitched and bandaged fromt he incident, and was informed of the situation, but the mystery still laid upon who in the world that girl was who was with him. As he approached her, she hugged him tightly, just happy to see her, filled with joy and cheer. This bubbley girl was definitely not what Kevin had expected.

Since the police had no data of the girl, they let her stay at an apartment, but she wanted to be with Kevin. So she strayed from where she was ordered to stay, and searched for her in the Hyper Gladiators Police Headquarters, wanting to become a police fighter just like him, in hopes to stay with him forever, fighting crime and villainy for truth and love.

Angelina\'s Personality:

Angelina is, to be quite frank, very niave and unaware of most situations. She looks to things optomistically, but if she feels she has done wrong, or is confused, she will start to cry.
All she knows about her past is that she must be with the one she honestly loves, and that\'s Kevin. Even though Kevin is unwilling to stand her, she still persists in following him and is somewhat of a neusance. But with her newfound powers, she seems to have become a great ally for the Hyper Gladiators Police Force.
She can get rather bubbley, and childish at times when things are most strenuous, but she still has so much to learn, being in a world which she has no comprehension to.

About Remo:

Angelina mostly find comfort with her friend Remo, a small robotic companion she found within her apartment home. She is the only one that can communicate with Remo, which is difficult to believe for some, seeing Remo is a remote control robot, built only to change television channels. This would explain one of Angelina\'s power to control smaller robots and electronics.
Remo\'s main phrase of speech is \"Tiko!\" although he is not very powerful, Remo has the ability to help Angelina out with some situations, such as diversion.

Angelina\'s powers:

Strength: Angelina has immense strength for what she is, although she is rather adament about fighting, she can throw a few powerful punches and kicks. She is a bit clumsy with her throws, but if performed right, she could actually crack and smash through a concrete wall 25 inches thick. She has yet to learn martial skills though.

Weaponry: Beknownst to her, Angelina has two forms of weaponry on her body which she knows. One would be the small laser canister upon her hairband, which could fire a powerful beam of light that can burn through metal. Another form of weaponry is located within her hair beads, which can open and launch a bio-created missle which can move by her command.

Sheilding: One of her more uncontrolled abilities is her ability to sheild any type of force blown to her. Usually an invisible sheild forms about her when she is under high panic or fear, but rarely works to her advantage. Sh can also use the invisible sheilding to capture the projectile thrown to her and send it back.

Speed: Angelina can reach a running speed of 50 MPH if needed. Her agility is somewhat clumsy however, and still needs to learn to dodge more quickly.

Flight: The only method of Flight Angelina could perform is if she is with Remo. She could straddle onto Remo and float about int he air, but not at quick speeds. Though Angelina is light, Remo can only carry so much.

Angelina and Remo © Andrew Dickman \"AWD!\"

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