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Kismet | Characters

Kismet by Minteh
 Gender: F
 Height: 5'5"
 Created: September 26th, 2021
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Ariela has always been an incredibly lucky girl. Her parents noticed that when they really needed something to work out, it did. Originally thought to be coincidences, her parents soon found that when Ariela was present things only went well for them.

After growing up, Ariela used this power to get herself into other people's trouble, and do her best to fix it. She was constantly inserting herself into squabbles and other things. That sense of justice landed her in training to become a hero. She realized it was a lot harder than she imagined, at the end of the day just being lucky wasn't enough, so she set about training and emerged much stronger, taking on her hero name "Kismet".

If she can help it, she prefers not to rely too much on her luck power. What might be lucky for her could be unlucky for someone else, or what's lucky might not be the best/most desired outcome. Kismet is constantly weighing those options depending on when and where she fights, and tries to manifest the best outcome for herself. She does train frequently to expand the range of her Lucky Field in case she ever needs it.

Lucky Field: Extend her luck to surrounding individuals, she can willingly exclude individuals she can see
Lucky Comet: Kismet's version of the Fastball special, if someone throws her she can become a deadly projectile while generally remaining completely unharmed. She's also dropped out of helicopters or planes, but they typically result in more injuries.
Lucky Numbers: A sort of fortune telling, she can read important numbers for a person. These can end up being dates, or otherwise significant numbers, like the number of cats you'll adopt in your future. Some people like it, but she finds it to be more like a party trick than anything else.

Just Being Ridiculously Lucky:
Kismet can't turn off her own luck. She could close her eyes and walk through traffic and she wouldn't be touched. When other people assert on her, however, it becomes a different story. If someone intentionally tried to run her down anything could happen, from a tire popping and the car swerving out of the way, to the car actually connecting but causing minimal damage.

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