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Nova | Characters

Nova by ManDemolition
 Gender: Female
 Height: 4'5''
 Created: September 26th, 2021
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Spoken: Broken
Literacy: Barely Literate / Nonexistent


Nova is a citizen of the Æstra Kingdom; the term citizen is loose due to her uncanny origins where she was found amidst the battlefield of a war between the Kingdom itself and a faction of dark void-like creatures known as the Advent. Her appearance is what some people would call "the Advent if their lowest drones were made flesh".

She was discriminated against by a large faction of the Kingdom, despite her pushing for the greater good and helping whenever she could. Nonetheless, through what some would say sheer dumb luck, she was able to join the Star Squire Corp on the journey to become the one Star Knight; a singular entity who functions as a beacon of hope for Æstra.

Largely thanks to a legendary artifact she found known as the Astrum Galactic, she was able to succeed in becoming the Star Knight. Her first quest, acquiring the Starry Eve of the Hawk King, was what led her (quite literally) spiraling into another universe into Void City.


Nova is a friendly, well-spirited individual with a strong moral compass of Right and Wrong. This doesn't necessarily make her a lawful character; in fact, noticing the possibly sly, corrupt, or malicious intent with misusing the law will have her call out the injustice moreso (much to the detriment of all parties). She also seems to be an optimist and very accepting to all walks of life, despite what her own viewpoints may be.

Nova is, also, somewhat overly trusting to friendly-enough faces; and while she does (and should) know better, her bleeding heart to anything remotely sympathetic can lead to her having the wool pulled over her eyes. Nevertheless, she is willing to forgive most if they appear sincere enough and punish those deserving.


A glove-like artifact with a large rounded gem that appears to be a window to a reach of space, this is Nova's modus operandi. She is able to use it to create different Weapons and Essences in various combinations (though her go to weapon is a large rounded shield).

The item is bound to her very being, meaning if one were to desire this weapon, Nova would have to be completely annihilated in mind, body, and spirit. Even then, the weapon itself chooses its master and will remain inert until such an individual matching its presumed criteria appears.

If the owner were to lose a limb the artifact is on, it will make itself appear on the next properly available limb or appendage in order of the owner's proficiency.

Weapon types (Aspects) and Essences must be acquired, typically through a scanning procedure or, if in a rush, absorption directly into the Galactic in some fashion. Weapons are self-explanatory, and cover a number of replications such as swords, gauntlets, staffs, orbitals, guns, bows, and other such implements. Essences are the very elements of Reality, making up effects such as Fire, Holy, Radiation, Time, Poison, etc.

When a Weapon is combined with an Essence, it will tend to be "thematically appropriate". A staff with the essence of Water may be a Trident, while a shield with the essence of Earth may be a large slab of bedrock. Without Essences, the base weapon will always have the ability to absorb much like a black hole (the reality is that the weapon carries its own pocket universe where the contents are stored until the usage is required).


Nova is fit, all things considered. Being able to run and climb with a ( currently ill-fitting) set of half-plate armor for long distances showcases her strength and endurance alone. However, her most valuable weapon would be her wit and ingenuity. Her physical nature also leads to two very unique resistances; her density and body makeup allows her to survive high and low pressure areas (and, coincidentally, falls of great height), and she also has a very subtle resistance to time-manipulation.

The Astrum Galactic's immense versatility leads to Nova's flexibility in both problem-solving and combat. She tends to stick with its Shield form, but if the situation requires a different tactic she will adapt accordingly. A common strategy for her is to gauge the opponent and stay on the defensive, learning their capabilities before going on her own offensive.

Lastly, she has an insane amount of durability and recovery thanks to an unknown blessing. Whenever she takes a blow, slice, shot, or suffers any lethal ailment, her body will react accordingly with a substance erupting out. One could describe this effect as "liquid stardust". It will protect her from harmful effects and numb what pain would come about, but enough damage to the body will cause this boon to run out. The pain, and any wound acquired at this point, will then immediately set in. If one is clever, one can sense how much protection is left based on the intensity of the stars that shine in her eyes. However, it should be noted that the boon does not equal invulnerability; merely a substantial amount of resistance. A deliberate decapitation can still be fatal, for example, but it might take an additional swing or two.

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