Handrew "R.H.M" Fish | Characters

Handrew "R.H.M" Fish | Characters

 Gender: N/A
 Height: 7ft
 Created: August 30th, 2021
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R.H.M is a product of White Fish Labs.

The company operate on the outskirts of Void, specialising in experimental robots and genetics.
Their founder, Miles Fish, was recently injured in what is suspected to be a case of corporate sabotage. Staff managed to save two things: his brain, and his right hand.

White Fish intend to grow Miles a new body, a stronger body. But they need unique genetic material. To achieve this they constructed R.H.M, connecting Miles' right hand into the AI matrix of a modified dreadnaught. R.H.M's prime directive is to search out strong and unique individuals, and collect samples of their genetic code. It seems the core A.I has formed a synaptic link with Miles' hand, resulting in an unusually quirky personality, but there's no time to troubleshoot. As R.H.M collects genetic information it is designed to compare it against Miles' own, storing only the most impressive and viable samples.


R.H.M is a strange quirk of genetics and technology. They have a very strong personality that scientists believe is a result of adaptive A.I integrating with living tissue. They're fiercely loyal to the company, Mr. Fish and their work, as well as being a tireless jokester. As friendly and disarming as they may come across, R.H.M will have no problem murdering for a good sample.


The body of R.H.M possesses two arm mounted needles (designed for collecting samples). They have incredible strength, speed and durability, as well as they ability to unleash concentrated energy bursts from the soles of their feet, allowing for impressive leaps and strides rather than sustained flight.

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