Vorania | Characters

Vorania | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 15 ft (4.5 meters)
 Created: August 30th, 2021
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Picture Text -
Vor is an evil alien who a long time ago infused herself with a black hole giving her an insatiable appetite for matter, and the ability to consume anything. she was imprisoned in time prison for her crimes, but has escaped and seeks to sate her hunger.

Species -
Her alien race is unnaturally durable, and naturally much larger than humans, but otherwise function almost entirely the same.

Physical Traits -
Her insides have been spliced with that of a hyper-dense singularity, also known as a black hole, which allows anything ingested to be immediately destroyed and condensed into her form. Enough matter consumed could make her larger, but she is limited by what she can fit in her mouth.

Gore/Violence -
If cut or slashed open, her blood is a vanta-black color, almost completely absorbing light. Her innards are just a spacial void, so any internals would look like a view of space, leaking stardust.

Personality -
She has a savage and sadistic personality, enjoying the killing and consuming of other creatures. The black hole infusion she underwent has scattered her mind to the wind and replaced it with hunger driven by cold intelligence of whatever scientist she was before.

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