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Resnick by StealRehn
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'4
 Created: September 4th, 2021
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In the eyes of other demons, Resnick is an enigma. A nomadic warrior who wanders the infernal wastelands outside the walls of Hell's kingdom, leading his followers on great hunts and wars against the many beasts of the cursed realm. During the great ruinous war between Heaven and Hell, Resnick approached the kingdom, showing a more cordial and diplomatic side as he offered assistance in driving back the holy invaders. He fought with such inspiring ferocity and zeal that he could motivate his followers into breaking through any enemy line as a spearhead for Hell's military proper, always returning even in such cases where all of his followers fell around him. At the war's conclusion, Resnick and his ever growing band of warriors disappeared as quickly as they had arrived, returning to their endless hunt for ever more powerful prey.

However, in the eyes of the Angels from Heaven, Resnick is an abomination. A monstrous, bloodthirsty warlord who leads inexhaustible hordes of screaming, raving lunatics and madmen with no regard for strategy or their own safety. He was a butcher, fueled by pain both given and received. Almost all damage dealt to the demon would horrifically only amplify his ferocity and eagerness to the slaughter, his wounds either sealing as quickly as they were opened, or twisting and contorting into masses of flailing bladed limbs or gnashing toothy maws to strike back at his foes. At the war's end, tales amongst angels are still shared about the mysterious butcher and his army of madmen, causing the divine to shudder at the thought of how the noble angel form could be bastardized to such an extent to produce a monster such as him.

The Bloodthirster:
Resnick's primary weapon, a living organism specially bred to act as a weapon, its metal-like exoskeleton forming into a hefty bludgeon or toothed saw. It can relax its muscles to allow itself to be used as more of a whip, segmenting it's exoskeleton for extended reach. It feeds on the blood that stains it during a battle, and will violently lash out at anyone other than Resnick who attempt to wield it.

Dolores is Resnick's beloved. His strength. His pride. His greatest work. Resnick treats this blade as one would treat a lover, often speaking to it in a flirtatious manner in anticipation of combat. It holds the special property of inflicting pain on anything it cuts, including those which would normally not feel such sensations like machines or godlike entities. Resnick will not say how he had created such a weapon, only telling that he had "help from a friend". Should Resnick lose Dolore, he will enter a state of utter despair induced rage, and will destroy everything in his path until his beloved is reclaimed.

Resnick is an unpredictable combatant, able to shift and mutate hos body into any grotesque form he wishes. While he will traditionally use his primary melee weaponry for combat, he will gradually make more use of his mutations as a battle progresses. In light of this control over his own body, he naturally has insanely potent regeneration capabilities, making his sheer durability his most dangerous trait. He can take ludicrous amounts if punishment, and will still eagerly throw himself back into the fray. Unlike most demons of his Hell, his bodily control seems to purely be a biological process, meaning that magical blocks have no effect on this ability.

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