Roxanne Jay Feather | Characters

Roxanne Jay Feather | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5’3
 Created: August 1st, 2021
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Roxanne Jay Feather’s life started when,
When Lucy Maygus and Damien met.

Lucy was a Phenix, and her father was a water spirit. She grew up with her parents in the village of Hula Manu.
At the age of seven, the tribe adopted Klausse, the crow; he was a troubled soul. Roxanne, pure and kind, was a regular girl in the village, when the other kids bullied crow, Roxanne defended him. Crow saw her as a goddess, and fell in love, they became really close friends.
At age sixteen, Roxanne was assigned the lead role for Juliette. Crow wanted to be her Romeo, but fate had other plans; Crow was furious, From that day forth, Crow started hanging out with the bad kids, doing things that weren’t very nice, eventually Roxanne’s parents kept Roxy away from Crow, this made him more furious.
Crow wanted Roxanne for himself, he knew he would have to create some sort of sickness, it was not easy, but he came across dark magic; he created a sickness for Roxy’s parents, it spread through the entire village. Crow tricked Roxanne, saying how it was her fault, the sickness had started at her home, she was the only one who wasn’t infected, except Crow. She begged the crow for his help, he said he had a cure, and in exchange he would own her. She agreed without thinking, but the cure didn’t work, her village, her home was filled with dying people in pain, Crow commanded her to set the village on fire, so the sickness wouldn’t spread. Everyone in the village is gone, everything in ashes. She thought it was her fault, she allowed the crow to bully her, because she believes she doesn’t deserve happiness.

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