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Road Kill by Natamoon123
 Gender: Unknown
 Height: 8ft
 Created: March 4th, 2022
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Roadkill, is a urban myth that was soon realized to be a reality. Roadkill is a cryptid, a cryptid of death and tragedy Roadkill is often being depicted on various roads, cemeteries places where murder's have happened, rapes, anything of great and deep sorrow, you will encounter this cryptid. Within it's blank expressionless face, lies a deep black endless void, in which various objects have been seen thrown, and pulled from the cryptids face. Though the cryptid is extremely shy to other li, animals seem to be drawn to, and roadkill drawn to them. Roadkill has never been known to speak, in fact, no word, or sound, has ever been uttered by the creature.

Roadkill is able to feast upon the negative residual effects of tragedy. cleansing the area after it is fed, and moving on to the next area of choice.

Height: roadkill stands at 6 feet tall when on all fours. if roadkill stands, then Roadkills neck is able to stretch to a max height of 8 feet.

Roadkill is extremely shy, curious, creepy,quiet, stealthy, He can be temperamental and aggressive when coming across a act of unnecessary death. Road kill will then begin to engage in hostile and lethal actions as a result.

Roadkill is able to shoot random items from the past, current present, and most current possible future.( only goes as far as a couple of decades) Within the void is a aging process. Whatever enters the face of roadkill will be then aged for however long it remained within his face. You are able to retrieve items from his face, however if you place the item back, it will be a different item all together when removed from roadkill.

Likes: Toys, animals especially cats, watching people, blinking when no one is looking, roads, graves, collecting odd and weird objects, sleeping on roads

Dislikes: people who kill without a purpose or a need to, loud screaming, frosting, living creatures that are not a feral animal.humans

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