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 Title: Best Antagonist 2021
 Gender: She/They
 Height: 5' 9"
 Created: May 2nd, 2021
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“Oleander” has no true name, but that is the name that they chose when they came to Void City.
They are a mysterious and ancient being that has been traveling the universes for longer than you can imagine. They enjoy traveling the universes, seeing the wonders of creation, and experiencing as many things as they can.

However, not many places actually have living beings. When they arrived in Void City in 2001, they were immediately enamored with all of the living creatures. Especially humans, and human-like beings, in the city. They were also attracted to flowers, and named themselves after the Oleander flower. They decided to stay in Void City and live amongst the humans, pretending to be one of them to experience life as they would.

Human customs, languages, and communication were a little awkward for them, but eventually they were able to pass as an average human. They have been dating a human and even share a small apartment with them. Oleander opened up a floral shop as well. It made sense considering their affinity for flowers.

For the past 20 years, they have been living a quiet and peaceful life in Void City. Well, as peaceful as Void City will allow one to be. They’ve witnessed countless tragedies, disasters, and suffering over the years, but always stayed out of the violence of Void City. Their partner has been deeply affected by living in Void, both mentally and physically. Oleander is their only comfort in their harsh reality.

Oleander’s interstellar travel is restricted to certain times. They must leave when certain heavenly bodies align. Their time here is coming to an end, and they know it. Oleander realizes that this human they have grown fond of will soon be alone to suffer even more.

They decide that logically, the best course of action is mercy killing. They decide that this is the best thing they could give to all of Void’s citizens. Their endless cycles of violence and suffering should not continue, for their own good.

They understand that flowers grow from dead matter. In their mind, they are turning the suffering humans into beautiful flowers. To them, this is a much better alternative than living out painful lives in Void. Their dream is to cover the city in flowers and plants, growing from the corpses.

Oleander can be killed and hurt, and they understand that murder is frowned up in human society. To continue their murders, they try to kill in secret. Their goal is to create as much death, or growth, as they can before they have to leave.

A little awkward, a little naive to human-kind, but a kind and curious nature. They think of living life as a human in the same way a child would play house. They want to experience new things and understand them. They are generally liked by the citizens of Void, and many people would call them their friend.

Oleander doesn’t really understand sex or gender and has no need for it, so usually people use They/Them or She/Her. They do not mind either.


Shape Shifting: Oleander tries to conceal their true form by appearing as a human woman in their 40’s. The more they activate their powers, the more the start to look like their true form.

Swords: They can summon their durable and powerful swords that they hold in each hand at any time. They are mostly used to stab, but can be slashed and thrown as well. This is their main form of attack.

Flight: Oleander can levitate and fly in their true form.

Levitation: Oleander can levitate objects and throw them.

Oleander’s cosmic powers are not limited to those listed above.

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