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Mozzie by MrPr1993
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: May 18th, 2021
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---Name: Mozzarella "Mozzie"

---Specialty: Formerly: Princess; Currently: Bard

---Age: 18

---Gender: Female

---Race: Human

---Height: 5'6"

---Weight: 105lbs

---Likes: Adventures, freedom, theaters & plays, dares, challenges, music, princes & knights in shining armor

---Dislikes: Control, dying, bad hair days, octopi & squids

---Bio: Orphan who was adopted by a king from the kingdom of Chedda, Mozzarella was to be set for an arranged marriage to join a royal bloodline proper. The restrains and control she felt led her to run away from that day, leading her to a freedom she never felt. She now spends the time to join adventurers for support as the team's bard. After a time from going through an underground dungeon and leaving that party, she's now set to see what happens in her next adventure.

---Personality: She is daring and brave, and sets to see the worlds and its unseen lands. She does worry about what happened back home after she ran away, but hides it well. She is pretty stubborn at times, and can become quite reckless for what she'll do next.

-Talented musician
-Skilled spellcaster
-Pretty good at stealth & acrobatics
-Skilled at telling who's the liar when she gets the chance to figure it out & persuasion
-Skilled with rapier
-Good at animal handling

---Bard Magic
Mozzie can perform spells on her own with this set: Whisper messages at a far distance; light up an object; make a small light; telekinetically reach a light object; and firing three forces of beams.

The stronger magic can only be accessed as long as she has her violin or anything that's a musical instrument. The magic, however, is limited, and she needs to take a small break to restore them, usually half-a-day. This includes:
(4 times) Healing, floating, force from self, sleep
(3 times) Breaking objects with a loud noise, heating metal, silencing sound of one area, resizing someone or an object, conjuring a rolling ball of fire
(3 times) Dispelling a spell she can fight against
(3 times) Teleporting to a far away distance, invisibility, temporary transformation of a creature to animal or beast
(2 times) Reviving (requires a diamond), ice magic, lightning magic
(1 time) Temporary pocket dimension in the form of a small manor with servants
(1 time) Stunning screech (can also be used without the violin)

-Her magic's limited, and she has to use them per a good rest to be able to use them again. She also requires a musical instrument for the music to make it work for the strong magic; otherwise, she'll have to rely on her free spells or any other ideas. She's also pretty reckless, and can be dared for a quest for how dangerous it is. Also, she is extremely terrified of anything that happens to resemble a squid due to a traumatic experience she endured on a previous adventure she had that involved her nearly being turned into a monster because of it. She will freak out pretty badly if she doesn't become calm enough if it happens to be a dangerous one.

--With so many items on her, she hides them all in her hair--
-Violin: Comes equipped with a hidden dagger in her feedle
-Silver Rapier: Coated with silver against enemies vulnerable to its material
-Silvered Arrows & Bow: A gift given by elves.
-Whip: She found it at one point and has yet to use it.
-Darts: She wants to pass the time so she has darts with her.
-Strength Gauntlets: Whenever she needs to use them, she can use them to lift heavier objects. She doesn't use it often.
-Invisible Ring: If she needs it to be invisible herself if her own magic runs out.
-Bow of Disguise: Mozzie's magically enhanced bow, gifted by a druid, can allow her to take on someone's appearance, but it only functions as an illusion, so it has some limits on what appearance she can choose.
-Signet Ring: Of her kingdom of Chedda. She has it hidden so no one figures out where she is from.

-Mozzie has a scottish accent.
-Her kingdom has a cheese theme.
-Her family consists of the king, the late queen, and her stepsiblings: three younger brothers, two older brothers (twins), and two older sisters.
-One time she saved a mute elf butler from a burning building. He's since become loyal to her. His name is Nigel.

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