Dr. Rasmusson | Characters

Dr. Rasmusson | Characters

Dr. Rasmusson by Camel
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: May 1st, 2021
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Name: Dr. ______ Rasmusson
Age: 40
Species: Human
Occupation: Research

Background: Rasmusson was the research head on a small internal project within the NDA in 2015, investigating what she referred to as a “metaphysical riddle”. One particular night, she, her two subordinates, and all their research information ceased to exist, unexplainably. This mystery slowly passed from the minds of the rest of the staff, chalked up to as just a run of bad luck. That was until 5 years later, when a colleague saw her sipping coffee in the break room.

Abilities: Rasmusson is a sentient, memetic concept, an “idea” of a person that is still very much a person. Those who were familiar with her before the incident can perceive her, however those who were not have to be “inoculated” - that is, they have to become aware of the concept of Rasmusson before they can perceive her as well. Oddly enough, three things - a certain painting, a certain poem, and a certain song - carry her memetic information, and she spreads the idea of her existence through those mediums. In most ways Rasmusson resembles a conventional ghost, an incorporeal entity that can pass along information, but can not physically interact with the world. She will “appear” to anyone who is aware of her, but can not physically harm them. She will appear to do physical actions like, for example, reading a book, sipping tea, throwing a ball in the air, however these are not really occurring - she is merely pushing conceptual, ideas into a viewer's mind that correspond to cultural shorthand - reading a book represents learning, sipping a tea represents relaxation, etc. If everyone forgets about her, and if all of her methods of information spreading are forgotten, she will cease to exist.

Occupation: Rasmusson continues to work in the Research department at the NDA, specializing in the weirder side of things - she’s the first one to talk to when questions of metaphysics, cognitohazards, and forbidden knowledge crop up. She is also privy to some more clandestine knowledge surrounding the NDA. She also refuses to share the specifics about the 2015 incident with anyone.

Personality: Rasmusson is calm and collected, with a voracious appetite for new information. However, due to her ghost-like existence, she can be quite cold and impersonal. There’s a general sadness to her, but she is a consummate professional.

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