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Charlamagne | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 7'0
 Created: May 7th, 2021
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Charlamagne is what is known as a Tempus, an angel-like being who holds control over the flow of time around him. All Tempi draw from a species-wide well of power equally, giving more or less power to an individual depending on the population size. Charlamagne greedily seeks to eradicate his own kind, so that he may access the full well of power for himself, granting him to time control across the universe.

However, as it stands, he only holds enough power to control time within a 20 foot radius around him, requiring a noticeable charge time to effect the whole radius. It takes substantially less time to effect singular objects. The source of his power comes from his wings, glowing and sparkling as he bends the flow of time.

Besides his innate time manipulation and bladed wings, Charlamagne possesses almost superhuman levels of physical strength. With these in mind, Charlamagne is an incredibly offensive and ruthless combatant.

Tempi are immune to time manipulation, including their own, so Charlamagne cannot simply reverse time to heal his own wounds.
-His wings are his primary method of attack, as the feathers are all razor sharp and made of a durable metallic material, able to pierce most soft targets with ease.
-The durability of his wings make them an effective defensive option as well, and it is not uncommon that he will use them as a shield against long range attacks.
-In order to freeze time around his full 20 foot radius, he must charge his wings, noticeably causing them to glow. To activate the time stop, he must unfurl his wings fully and unleash a flash of light.
-Should someone get a hold of one of his feathers separate from his wings, they will be able to use it to bend time for themselves, but only for a shirt duration and the feather will dissolve after one use.

Charlamagne is an incredibly vain and arrogant man. He will spit in the face of God himself and not bat an eye. When engaged with a foe, he will constantly find ways to berate and demean his opponent, wanting to break their spirit as much as their body.
It does not take much to provoke him to violence, as he's already an incredibly rude and condescending man. He will take any slight against him, no matter how minor, as an excuse to beat someone to a bloody pulp.
Due to his large wingspan, he gets anxious and irritable in confined spaces as his movements become more clumsy and restricted. He will often make it a top priority to make sure he has ample room to maneuver his wings for combat and his time manipulation.

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