Laqwen & Argos | Characters

Laqwen & Argos | Characters

Laqwen & Argos by Golden
 Gender: Female & Male
 Height: 6'1" & 6'5"
 Created: April 1st, 2021
Design sheet


Laqwen Scales
Age: 520
Species: European Dragon
NDA Dept.: Lead Field Agent
Backstory: Born around the medieval era, Laqwen may be on the older side, but she’s always had a youthful adventurous spirit. Mystery intrigued her, and her wanderlust led her all over the globe. As she grew a few centuries old, she learned of mimic the form of a human the best she could. It was fun to interact with people on a scale close to their own.

One year, during her molting season where she had to be in her dragon form, a citizen of the nearby city of Hollowmere caught sight of her. She just so happened to be eating her shed skin, which freaked the person out. Rumors were started that a terrifying dragon was nearby and the NDA was called in to get it. After being brought in, Laqwen changed back to her humanoid guise and begged to work for the agency.

Abilities and Skills include:
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced senses (sight, taste, touch, hearing)
Armored/Heat proof skin
Flame breath
**Dragon Form

Being born of an egg, she has no bellybutton
Has a few ‘beauty marks’ all over her
Internal temperature sits between 140-150 Fahrenheit
With a lot of concentration, she can hide her wings

Argos Lerna
Age: 48
Species: Greek Hydra
NDA Dept.: Auxiliary (Right Head) | Administrative (Left Head)
Backstory: The Lerna clan was quite known in Greece. Being one of the youngest members in modern times, Argos decided to live a more normal, human lifestyle than his family. Turns out, the hydrakin had a knack for numbers. He went to college for business and accounting, learned to drive various vehicles, and took up marksmanship as a hobby.

Upon meeting Laqwen in his early adult years, he was excited to find someone like him— a nonhuman living basically among humans. Unbidden, he grew very attached to her. After she was captured, he tracked down the agency that took her, intent on making them pay. It took some convincing, but he ended up joining NDA instead. As long as Laqwen is there, he’ll be there too.

Abilities and Skills include:
Enhanced strength
Higher IQ (simply thanks to having more neurons to pass between two heads)
Head regeneration/multiplication
**Hydra Form

Lost his head due to an axe-thrower lobbing it off accidentally
Right head needs reading glasses but refuses to wear them
Plates on tail used for self-defense
Due to his youth, his body won’t produce three heads, only two for every one lost

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