Aleki | Characters

Aleki | Characters

Aleki by Kozispoon
 Gender: Male & N/A
 Height: 5'9
 Created: April 1st, 2021
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Name: Aleki Petrov
Age: 26
Body's Species: Fire salamander (Is unable and maybe even unwilling to shift)

Background: Bodysnatched by a Capgras demon at 15. The details of which only the Head Agent Arthur seems to know. Aleki is one of the earliest 'paranormal captive subjects' of the agency turned field agent before Next Door was established. He’s spent the majority of his childhood and young adult life growing up under the watchful eye of the agency as he is molded into a reliable field agent. Is a desk jockey, assigned to the field in order to defend academics when need arises.

Has an obsession with fire. Lighting something around him usually commands his focus. Left to his own devices, arson is liable to happen. Most of his body and bodily fluids are flammable. If he burns too long, ash stains and collects at his orifices/extremities. Water hampers or renders his fire ability useless. Cold slows his reaction time and makes him sluggish. Nearsighted, his glasses are made of metal and a necessity for him to see-without he can only make out blurs and shapes.

Personality: Snarky and snide. If he can make a backhanded joke at your expense, he’ll probably make it. Not so much a hothead, but more smoldering irritation at anything that even mildly inconveniences him. Is 26 and thinks he has life figured out. Will more than likely flit from division to division making conversation than sitting at his desk and doing paperwork.

On the field, Aleki has extreme prejudice when it comes to demons. Will opt to fire first instead of negotiating, take no prisoners if he can help it. His own file and demonic details have been sealed at his request.

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