Katrina | Characters

Katrina | Characters

Katrina by TheCydork
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'11"
 Created: April 1st, 2021
Design sheet


Age: Late 40s/early 50s
Species: Werewolf
Department: Logistics

Once a renowned interior designer, at 43 Kat realised she was a wolf without a pack, and thus began her midlife crisis. She turned to psychology and ultimately became a negotiator for the Next Door Agency, considering the other employees her family. She still occasionally takes design jobs to support her lavish lifestyle and the rest of the agents.

Personality: Will do anything for her family, being extremely loyal and generous with her money. The kind of person who'll see you glance at an expensive shirt and buy it for you on the spot. Well-versed in charming and smoothtalking, though her wealth has disconnected her a little from reality, and she sometimes comes out with entitled or just plain baffling statements. She's very sociable, looking for any excuse for a party or hell, even a simple movie night with The Girls (TM). Age has tempered the little anger she had in the first place, and she's more likely to laugh at aggravation than react to it. A terrible gossip.

Werewolfism: Rather than transform on the full moon, she is always vaguely wolfish, able to use a more lupine form at will. Most of her clothes comprise of her own fur, and her "heels" are in fact her own feet with heavily modified claws. She has a summer and winter coat, the latter of which can unfortunately slow her down and cause overheating.

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