Art Mishra | Characters

Art Mishra | Characters

Art Mishra by Flytee
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6ft
 Created: April 1st, 2021
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Arthur Mishra
Founded of the NDA in 2010
Mission co-coordinator. Lead-field agent.

- During missions- calm, assertive and level-headed. Somewhat stern.
- Off-Duty/ around the office- kind and attentive to his agents- and an incredibly loyal friend to those who have been around for a while. His introverted personality can make him come across as aloof & serious, but when people make a connection with him they find him very warm and charming.

Notable traits
- He is good at making ethically challenging calls.
- One of the few things that will make him lose his cool, is agents needlessly put themselves or others in danger.
- He has a poor work/life balance- the NDA is his found family.
- He's quite bad at reading the room

The Pact.
When Art was a young man he was mortally wounded by a mysterious entity- who proceeded to bring him back from the brink of death in exchange for a pact. Over a decade later Art doesn't know the true motives of this entity, though he believes it's to observe the human world.
Ever since that day Art has been followed by an Asian Koel, who he believes is a manifestation of the pact. The bird follows Art around and behaves like a pet, Art appears ambivalent towards it, he hasn't even named it.

Art can enter the body of the Asian Koel for 20ish minutes at a time, this can be used to scout ahead or spy on enemies. This ability is only used as a last resort as his body becomes blind during the process. He is also unsure of any lasting effects or consequences this ability may have.
- Skilled in hand to hand combat
- Is a pretty decent shot
- pilot

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