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Shi by Footini
 Gender: android
 Height: 6 feet
 Created: April 1st, 2021
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Case File #444 Biomechanical Automaton (aka Shi)
Age: 120
Role: Combat Field Agent.
Discovered in an abandoned Antarctic research lab by a NDA operative team led by Arthur Mishra following a false lead during an unrelated extraction mission. The subject was found inactive and contained within a sealed container; forensics dates the body of "Shi" to be around one hundred twenty years old. The container had been sealed for 30 years.
The designation Shi was assigned to the android based on barcodes located at the base of the skull, possibly alluding to this specimen being the fourth in a series of similar constructs.
"Shi" remained inert at the agency labs for nine years until suddenly reactivating. The incident resulted in the injury of four agents including Arthur Mishra and the destruction of two walls.
Once subdued the android became docile to other agents.

Personality: "Shi"'s personality has been determined to be fabricated with artificial memories of seven individuals that have been imprinted into the subjects circuitry. The identities of four of the individuals have been determined to live between 1955-2012; three between 2020-2067 based on testimony from "Shi" themself.
This has resulted in a personality that is stoic and distance when interacting with other lifeforms. However, "Shi" is much more friendly to other mechanical devices as they say the possess a "kinship" with such things.

Abilities: The skin of "Shi" is made up of an unknown material that resembles organic tissue yet possess the tensile strength of steel. The innards are made of of typical materials found in most electronic devices.
The only features that are obvious of "Shi"'s artificial nature are seems located along their skin. "Shi"'s construction grants them higher than average strength and speed compared to a normal human in similar physical condition.

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