Aiko | Characters

Aiko | Characters

Aiko by Jade★
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5' 4"
 Created: April 1st, 2021
Design sheet


Name: Aiko Pico-Leroy
Age: 37
Species: Human
Job: Head Agent/Academic
Department: Research

Previously to her work at the NDA, Aiko spent most of her free time documenting stories of the supernatural, with a special interest in previously unknown entities. She worked part-time as a consultant to those seeking help with minor supernatural issues: curses, hauntings, suspected possessions, and so on. While many of these cases turned out to be non-supernatural in origin, she vigorously documented everything she could learn about those events that were supernatural.

She became aware of the NDA when one of her higher profile cases happened to coincide with a case they had taken on, and quickly demanded they hire her as a researcher and specialist in modern supernatural phenomena. In exchange for her expertise and extensive documentation of all things supernatural in the modern age, she pushed the agency to expand its operations to include greater focus on research and documentation of the supernatural beings encountered during jobs, playing a key role in developing the Research department and recruiting/training academics. She now operates as a Head Agent, directing teams from HQ and collecting any knowledge they're able to bring back with them after each job.

Self-assured to the point of overconfidence and willing to manipulate others into giving her what she wants. She has a sincere affection for the other members of the NDA, although that affection most commonly manifests in the form of "harmless" teasing and low key bullying. She's also not above seeking out and using personal leverage to blackmail or persuade her friends into doing her bidding.

During missions, Aiko is attentive and dedicated to getting her agents out alive. As much as research is her driving force, keeping her friends safe always comes first.

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