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Viro | Characters

Viro by Platinumartist
 Gender: Female
 Height: 7'1
 Created: June 24th, 2021
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Name: Viro
Age: around 20 human years
Personality: Aloof, Short-tempered, Self-Indulgent

Viro hails from a different Dimension of sorts where the meteor that killed the Dinosaurs never happened and the world kept going. In their world, Science and Magic are one of the same and are stuck in this odd feudal like system but the one thing that was a constant is that the Dinos (Saurians) are the top of the foodchain. Due to some unfortunate Circumstances, Viro has been thrusted into Our lovely dimension where things seem mostly backwards to her. Can always learn new spells if needed . . .

Spell Descriptor
Level 1 - Can use at will without Wand (Wand makes a stronger version of Spell)

Conjure Food - Summons Full meals for 4 (10) Persons although it is quite bland and tasteless
Conjure Water - Can summon magically up to 2 (5) gallons of clean drinkable water
Disguise Self - Can alter Appearance up to an hour (day), cannot acquire any additional abilities from disguising as certain targets
Spark of Fire - Casts a few hot sparks to any target within 15 (30) feet. This inflicts minor burns but can catch things on Fire if flammable

Level 2 - Only usable with Wand (Usable spells at will with wand)

Acid Bubble - Summons a small Bubble full of Acidic liquids that can eat through the toughest of materials, it can be thrown up to 30 feet
Cure Wounds - Magically closes wounds as if they never happened. cannot revive corpses with this spell
Detect Thoughts - Can peer into the mind of another at that moment, target doesn't have any idea that their thoughts are being read.
Hold Target - Summons Magical Tethers that wraps themselves around the limbs of a target keeping them bound. MUST keep concentration in order for it to not be broken or slipped out of.
Ice Daggers - Summons up to 20 Ice Daggers and hurl them at targets within 80 Feet of the caster
Misty Footsteps - Briefly surrounds Viro in a Silvery Mist and can teleport to an unoccupied space she can see that is within 60 feet
Shields - Creates a Magical Shield of Energy that can block both Magical and Physical attacks. MUST keep concentration in order for it to not be Broken through.

Level 3 - Only Usable with Wand (Only can cast with Wand, each Spell can be casts once a Day but must rest to regain usage)

Counter - Can interrupt or end the usage of a spell or an ability.
Forgetfulness - Casts a Magical wave of energy up to 30 feet around the caster and makes all those within the range forget the last 6 hours
Instill Fear - Casts on a single target, Target sees Viro as their greatest Fear with powerful Illusions. MUST keep concentration to keep the spell going
Invisibility - Conceals herself in a magical cloak that makes them undetectable to non-magical eyes. MUST keep concentration to keep the spell going
Purify - Can Cleanse a target or herself of any ailments, intoxicants or poisons.
Sunbeam - Conjures a Beam of Light from the palm of the hand and shoots out up to 100 feet straight line. Any person(s) or objects within its beam catches on fire. Must have Concentration to keep the spell going
Viro's Magical Arrow - Summons up to 5 Arrows of Light and shoots them at a Target(s) It pieces through and burns through where ever it hits, these arrows can curve and move around obstacles to hit their targets


My Comics are always my canon
In battles, my opponent's side is also canon unless Their story contradicts events in my comic timeline.

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