Snaffle &Loot | Characters

Snaffle &Loot | Characters

 Gender: Female and Male
 Height: 6'7" and 4"
 Created: February 22nd, 2021
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Snaffle and Loot, Accessories of Crime!

These sibling thieves are always running headfirst into trouble, looking to take what they want and screw over anyone who tries to stop them. The combination of mimic and loneek makes these two and their fancy abilities tough to deal with.

Loot, the older brother
- Height: 4' flat
- Age: 23
- Likes: money, soft beds, good food, Snaffle and the finer things in life
- Dislikes: big messes, people being mean to Snaffle and being called short
Don't let his height fool you, this guy isn't against using violence to get what he wants. Loot has a mean streak that has been useful for robbery many times over, but he would never be truly angry with his sister. He's gotta look out for her after all! Most of his schemes involve going after bigger targets, and he's done fairly well at selling off stolen goods for even more cash when necessary.
Loot knows a few spells but is unable to generate enough magic to cast them on his own. He usually uses prestidigitation for distractions. Opening and closing locks is a must. Smoke is necessary for when just an illusion won't cut it for a get away.

Snaffle, the younger sister
- Height: 6'7"
- Age: 21
- Likes: eating, newspaper puzzles, shiny objects, Loot and taking a challenge
- Dislikes: empty rooms, being ignored and deep water
This tall gal is a bit slow on the uptake but Snaffle is quick at snatching away anything she's looking at. More likely to take something just for the thrill or for momentary fun, she's less into plans and more for action. She will listen to her brother though, he knows what he's talking about. Larceny isn't too big of an issue but she tries to avoid hurting anyone in the process.
Snaffle generates a lot of magical energy but can't direct it into much of anything. All she can do is open locks and sparkle. It does give her a bit more energy to put into acrobatics and heavy lifting instead.

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