Strigoi | Characters

Strigoi | Characters

Strigoi by kubo and InkyBrain
 Gender: female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: February 22nd, 2021
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== Project 0015 ==

Height: 5’6” / 167cm
Weight: 240 lbs / 108 kg
Power Set: Copycat [PRIMARY] Cloak [SECONDARY] Bite [SECONDARY] Durability [TERTIARY] Regeneration [TERTIARY]

Copycat = 0015 can temporarily mimic the powers of a target through the ingestion of blood. Once consumed, 0015 immediately goes through a physical transform that incorporates the newly acquired power set. Through the metamorphosis process, the copied power set is enhanced and perfected. This Battle Form’s duration is based on the amount of blood ingested.

Cloak = 0015 can control the way light reflects off her body and suit so that she can become completely invisible. This cloak does not incorporate foreign objects held or worn (garments, blood splatter, etc.)

Bite = 0015 has an extendable jaw that can bite down with 3,700 pounds per square inch of force. This asset is used primarily to acquire the necessary DNA sample to activate 0015’s Copycat power.

Durability = 0015 can stand up to an equal amount of damage as her bite can deal. Her skin and tissue are laced with an organic webbing that cushions blunt attacks and resists piecing or cutting.

Regeneration = 0015 can grow and host a nest of jet worms, genetically engineered organisms that remain any damage that 0015 sustains, inside and out. The jet worms can seal up lethal wounds in seconds and reattach severed limbs within minutes.

Bio-Suit = 0015 wears a semi-organic outfit that can benefit from the jet worms repairing abilities. It can expand and contract, conforming to 0015’s various battle forms.


Handler: Malcolm Wallace

Current Mission: Field testing 0015’s responsiveness to taking orders. Field testing the flexibility of 0015’s Copycat power.


Personality: Strigoi is meek, submissive, and stoic. Due to her physiology, Strigoi is a mute and can not speak. She does not try to communicate with others and takes her orders from Wallace without reply.

BIO: After a year of observing the actions of Project 0014, codename Wendigo, the Board of Directors of Vicecom deemed Dr. Flowler’s prized experiment to be a failure. With the head of the Bioweapons department dead, the Board itself seized control and began work on an updated version of Project 0014.

Using DNA salvaged from one of Wendigo’s most recent battles, 0015 was meant to focus on stealth and subterfuge in contrast to her predecessor. 0014’s power-storing homunculi was scrapped and replaced with a purely cosmetic doppelgänger ability. Despite the augmentations, the Board was still wary that 0015 would still hold Wendigo’s powerful bloodlust and immense ego.

Project 0015 was well into its incubation stage when the unthinkable happened. After Emmelia’s interaction with Wendigo this past Christmas, Frank was interested in getting his hands on the technology used to bring life to that monstrosity. The two managed to break into Vicecom’s Bioweapons lab, but before the mad man could get away with any of the equipment, the building’s security cornered the intruders and chased them out.

While Frank had been preoccupied with dismantling the lab, Emmelia’s attention was drawn to the figure suspended within a tube of ruby liquid. Interested in getting a better look, Emmelia crawled up onto the machine, snapping off a number of tubes and cables in the process. In the mad dash to escape, Emmelia tore open one of her wounds, splattering the damaged incubator with her DNA.

Upon the project’s completions the Board was surprised with 0015’s end product. She was submissive and very suggestible, displaying a strong willingness to follow orders. Her power set had evolved away from how it was initially programmed as well. Unsure as to the reason for these changes, the Board assigned Malcolm Wallace as handler to 0015 in order to observe and relay orders. Hesitant to announce the project as a success just yet, the Board ordered Wallace to field test 0015, granting her the codename Strigoi, and see if the anomaly will be a detriment or a boon to the project.

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