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 Gender: God
 Height: 6'5
 Created: February 22nd, 2021
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God of the storms and lightning, and child of Rickter and Dairyu. The weather changes with his emotional state, and storms can be summoned with no warning as his emotions become more riled.


Short-tempered and high strung, Yamato enjoys fighting to prove his strength and relieve stress. Though he's developed a god complex, this has also manifested in a desire to defend beings he perceived as being 'weak.'

Highly mischievous, Yamato enjoys playing tricks and causing trouble when he can. Potentially feels guilt over his actions, but not enough to quit.


Physical prowess: Trained in a variety of martial arts, Yamato prefers to use spears in fights when not using his fists. Combining this with his supernatural strength makes for heavy and powerful attacks.

Stormcaller: While the weather will change with his emotional state passively (only surpassed by his mother's connection with the weather), Yamato is also capable of manipulating the weather and lightning voluntarily. From light drizzles to supercells of tornadoes and the heaviest blizzards, all weather patterns fall under his command.

Note: the lightning he summons voluntarily is blue, all other lightning follows the laws of nature.


Semi-mortality: Though his body has been destroyed and put back together once before, it has weakened his connection to the ichor within his body. While he cannot truly die, wounds can take significantly longer to heal.

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