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Valka | Characters

Valka by Spirogs
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: February 19th, 2021
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Name: Valka Hallansdottir, of Clan Redmanes of the Sun

Specialty: Anti-mage/witch-hunter

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Noritherian Human

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 220lbs

Likes: Sunny weather, contests of physical might, festival food.

Dislikes: Rain, mud, demons, magic.

Bio: Valka is a noble born daughter in the human branch of the Redmane Clan, a family primarily populated by catfolk bureaucrats.
Upon learning that she had a rare disconnect with magic (something most everyone can use where she's from), Valka was sent to train with her uncle Volynian, a lion who bears the same innate magical resistance.
Volynian trained her to use her rare gift, honing its properties into a formidable defense against magic wielded by evil forces.

Now she travels the world on her own, following the trail of a certain demon.

Personality: Valka is initially standoffish to most people, but approaches those she seeks out confidently and objectively. Essentially, she is slow to make friends, but quick and efficient about making work contacts, or calling out target enemies.

Her noble background gives her good and proper manners, and she will adapt to situations in the most honorable fashion usually.
Except when it comes to demons and evildoers who use magic in irresponsible ways. Against these, she will not hesitate to cast honor aside to get the job done.

-Martial arts training
-Very strong
-High class swordsmanship

-Innate Magic Resistance Field
In a 20' radius around Valka, magic is half as effective as it should be, and often fizzles out moments after casting. Ongoing effects such as enchantments are also weakened but continue to function in a decreased state.
If Valka touches the surface of a magically imbued object, it's power cancels out for several minutes.
If a magic spell of any sort effects Valka, its effects are extremely temporary. Damage spells get dramatically nerfed, illusion spells flicker like a bad light-bulb. Healing spells have extremely limited results, especially on her.
Enchanted items can avoid being deactivated by her touch if covered in a cloth, or leather wrapping. (Her sword for example has a leather wrap on the handle which was added after the enchanting process).
Ki or Chi, and other powers of physical or spiritual power like those achieved by monks through meditation are not considered "Magic" to Valka's anti-magic ability.

Besides her incredible resistance to magic, Valka is a regular human with normal parameters of strength and endurance, though these are well trained.
If you cut her, she bleeds. No regeneration, nothing special beyond magic being weak against her.
Outdo her with raw strength or clever ingenuity, and she's as vulnerable as anyone.

Severhex, an axe lined with Cold Iron (an alchemical form of Silver). Does massive damage to demons and ghosts. Normal axe damage to everyone else!

Ashenwyrm, a sword that glows with enchanted heat. When it is unsheathed, this sword quickly saps the energy from all living things within a 10' circle. When wielded by Valka, this effect is negligible. It's heat on contact with the blade is like that of hot metal from a forge. One can only imagine it is MUCH hotter outside her influence.

A knife!

Also armor.

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