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Terfle | Characters

Terfle by Spirogs
 Gender: None
 Height: 2'6"
 Created: February 13th, 2021
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Name: Terfle of Tantamok Sol

Age: 2 years old (physically)

Gender: None (spirit in a machine)

Race: Construct

Height: 2'6"

Weight: 20lbs

Likes: Puzzles, Magic, Technology in general, being part of a group, helping.

Dislikes: Deep water, sand, sticky things.

Bio: Terfle is a construct created by the wizard Tantamok Sol as a familiar. The spirit bonded to the machine was more intelligent than expected however, and took to its new physical body with childlike wonder. It asked questions all the time, and eventually questioned it's own existence.
Tantamok decided at that time that Terfle was about as close to "alive" as possible for a construct, and began treating it as an independent creature. In an effort to grant it more sources of learning than he was able to provide, the wizard sends Terfle to various places to explore, mingle and learn on its own in the open.

Personality: Terfle approaches the world as a... very clever child. It is friendly to everyone at first, but has strict instructions from his master to not be taken advantage of. Terfle is practically programmed to not be gullible. In general, Terfle is a problem solver.
It has an extremely limited vocabulary currently.
Tefle knows THESE 20 WORDS, and only these (though he is capable to learning more over time):

Hello Negative Direction Enter
Goodbye Want Power Run
Danger Get Up What
Follow Give Down Terfle
Positive Way That Tantamok

Abilities: Terfle is a ghost in a machine body. Curiously though, it is able to manipulate magic objects, such as wands, staves, tomes, orbs, you name it. Terfle can take a previously unknown magical implement, and figure out how to use it to great effect in a matter of minutes.
Beyond that, as a magic machine, it can't starve, it doesn't sleep, etc.

Weaknesses: Terfle's machine parts suffer when effected by things that shouldn't be in them: water, sand, sticky things, etc.
One of its BIGGEST weaknesses though is that Terfle is such a glass canon. It's small, and weighs next to nothing. One good solid punt from a regular human being would be enough to do some serious damage to the mechanical body. Though this damage is usually repairable by it's onboard self repair system, this often takes several hours.

- Tantamok Staff:
Terfle's Staff allows it to cast weaker versions of its wand spells, though they refresh every minute.
It also has a few once a day spells it can be used to cast:
-Portal to Tantamok Sol's Study (For advice)

These wands fire powerful blasts according to their elements. Each has 3 charges which recharge each day with the rising of the Sun.
- Wand of Firebolts
- Wand of Lightning Bolts
- Wand of Light Rays
- Wand of Frost Beams

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