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B Thee | Characters

B Thee by ArtsandGoodies
 Gender: Female
 Height: Prefers 7'2
 Created: February 5th, 2021
Design sheet


"Empusa, Mother Harlot, Lamashtu, and other myths of shapeshifting temptress' stealing the life from those they trick have a bit of truth to them, I am that truth."

B Thee is one of the first types of vampire's to ever exist in civilizations. She has lived for around five thousand years and is drawn to Void city to consume the interesting and diverse desires of it's inhabitants. She has already lived out grand ambitions and prefers to remain in the shadows either an influence on others or just a quick moment in their lives.

Her Desire Consumption:
As a vampire she consumes blood of her victims but she can only consume it if they are indulging in a desire. This can be any kind of desire that goes beyond basic needs.

Lust is the indulgence she most frequently consumes as it's frequent enough and she enjoys it over something like greed.

She can feed on any being that indulges in desires, including other vampires. She doesn't need to kill her target to get her fill, but for humans and weaker beings she frequently overindulges, killing them on accident.

She can keep someone around to keep feeding on their desires. She has feed off warlords' desires to conquer and once they reached the peak of power, she would feed off resistance fighters' desire for freedom or justice.

She used to enjoy war more but new technology and tactics made war and indulgences not fun for her.

Those who she consumes the desires of will remember the experience fondly.

Her Weakness:
Currently her only weakness is Holy weapons. she used to have a couple other weaknesses but over the years trained herself to overcome them. She spent years exposing herself to sunlight to eventually become resistant. She also used to have a vital heart but after centuries of shapeshifting she learned how to shapeshift her organs so they just become fibers running all along her and not one vital spot.

She can shapeshift into most any animal as well as some non-animal things like shadows or paintings on a wall. 10 square feet is her size limit but she will frequently not only be her body but her shadow as well. She can't shapeshift into technology objects and the most she could do metal wise is make a silver arrow.

While she could shapeshift into other people and imitate them perfectly in body and voice, she doesn't like it. She would prefer someone indulge in their desires with her as opposed to her imitation of someone else.

Desire influence:
She emits an aura that influences the moods of those around her and heightens their desires. This aura disrupts any other control magic. She can control how intense her aura is and how far it reaches. The biggest she can do is effect everyone inside a stadium. Those who have lived abnormally long lives can sense it and it effects them differently being able to sense her true age from it.

The strongest physical attack she could do has the strength of a crossbow bolt. She knows some martial arts and self defense but has never mastered any martial art. She doesn't have super speed but can transform into birds to fly away if need be.

Final notes:
The only stuff she is up to date on is Fashion and Dancing, everything else she is behind on and doesn't really know how to use technology.

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