Sigrid Weisz | Characters

Sigrid Weisz | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 1.50 meters / 4.92 f
 Created: January 15th, 2021
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Sigrid Weisz comes from a family of Dukes with powerful magic. However, she was born without it.
Her parents, being ashamed of this, started feeding her lies since she was young, telling her that she indeed had magic so when she tried to use it her mom or dad (or Arquimedes) would cast a spell in front of her and congratulate her.

Growing up, she became addicted to books, especially about demons, witches, powerful magicians and such. She would say that she had any of the powers that she read about and since her parents and Arquimedes enabled such delusions, this led to a snowball of ego and fantasy.

Arquimedes is the familiar of the Weisz, wielding incredibly powerful magic. He made a contract with the family centuries ago.

Not long ago, a mysterious mercenary killed her parents while she and Arquimedes were on a trip. After coming back, Arquimedes sensed something strange and told Sigrid to wait outside their castle. Once inside, he watched as Sigrid's mom passed away but not before hearing her final wish.

Important notes:

-Arquimedes is always the one casting the magic, but it appears as Sigrid is the one casting it.
-For Arquimedes (and former parents) to know what Sigrid wants to cast, her parents told her since she was little that she first needs to tell out loud the name of the spell.
-Sigrid loves to name her spells with strange and odd words.
-When Sigrid is in danger or an attack will seriously damage her, Arquimedes will cast something to protect her. Afterward, he will tell her that she is so powerful that she can cast defensive magic without thinking.
-Sigrid loves her parents and Arquimedes and since Arquimedes doesn't talk much, she will almost always follow advise from him.
-Sigrid doesn't know that her parents are dead. Arquimedes told her that her parents were gone and they will only came back after she becomes stronger.
-After reading a cultist's book, Sigrid came up with the idea that stealing souls is what will awaken her hidden powers that go beyond comprehension.
-Since Arquimedes can't steal souls he just uses lights and puts the targets to sleep.
-Arquimedes leans towards a more neutral morality and Sigrid sees herself as an evil witch who is above everyone else.
-You can go all out with the magic, be creative. The only limitations are that Arquimedes can't cast magic related to life and death (such as heal, revive, steal soul, create undead, etc...)

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