Enoch Gallagher | Characters

Enoch Gallagher | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'8
 Created: January 11th, 2021
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Enoch Gallagher is a warm, approachable young man
He graduated medical school early, getting a job as a school nurse when he turned 22.
He is currently 26, he loves helping those in need and is eager to always lend an ear to whoever needs it.

He's best friends with Gale Stone; a Private Investigator that occasionally works together with the VCPD. He is 35

That's only on the surface

Behind closed doors, Enoch is the leader of a nameless cult, which their doctrine dictates they should purify themselves through physical punishment. Their rituals consists in different types of tortures, mostly via blades and canes.

The base of their doctrine is love, they do not enjoying bringing pain to others, they know it's wrong; but they believe it is a necessary evil. The Apostles and Disciples that are in charge of cleansing others need to cleanse themselves afterwards, too.

Whenever they see a blatant display of sin or blasphemy, the cult will take the sinner with them and cleanse them, regardless if they are willing or not. Sometimes the sinner lives, sometimes their offence is too great and they do not survive the cleansing for long. Those sinners are sent back to the Father.

Gale Stone is Enoch's right hand and advisor. He keeps an eye out for him and the cult, warning them about the VCPD's leads to the "Abaddon's Locust" case

- Enoch is very good with kids and genuinely loves people
-The VCPD nicknamed the killing's author as "Abaddon's Locust", since he leaves his victims with pieces of skin missing, not unlike a shedding Locust. Abaddon comes from the ritualistic and religious nature of the crime scenes
-Enoch is not fond of the nickname since there are people who refer to the Devil as Abaddon
- Thanks to Gale, the VCPD knows nothing of said cult
-His self-control is incredibly strong
-Enoch is followed by a hooded figure only he can see and hear. He's certain it's the Devil
-Gale is very protective of both Enoch and the cult
-Enoch is originally from Ireland, but moved to Void to help others. Naturally, he has an Irish accent
-Gale is originally from England

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