Foxy Foxy Foxy | Characters

Foxy Foxy Foxy | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 6'0"
 Created: January 3rd, 2021
Design sheet


Full Name: Foxy Foxy Foxy

Age: 27

Height: 6ft/182.88 cm (plus hair & tail = 7ft/213.36 cm)

Weight: ??? (Don't ask.)

Race: Toon Vixen

Personality: Foxy is a very clever vixen. Usually, she uses her beauty as advantage to get things. She's also quite a polite lady. Also, she loves performing risky acts, just because it's fun.

History: A buxom fox dame who is also a thief. She was raised to become the best thief there is. She spent years stealing from people; jewels, expensive art, artifacts; anything that's valuable.

Fighting Style/Skills:
*Steal: Her being a thief, you'll have to be very careful not to let hear steal anything valuable from you. Like your underwear!
*Cunning & Charms: She's skilled enough to fake her injuries and use her beauty as advantage to let the enemy's guard down and strike them. She can also use the environment and hazards as advantage to fight the enemy. If she gets surrounded, she may find something like a gap to slip out of the enemies.
*Handbag: Don't judge by its tiny size. It contains tons of items, such as a mallet, an anvil and bombs and any other things that can fit a thief's theme. And she can use the bag as a weapon. Which can hurt a lot.
*Agile Fox: Despite her greatly large curves, she's very agile and quick, having been trained during her time at some circus.

*Close Combat Not: She isn't a fighter-type of person. If she's out of options, she'll have to run n'dodge instead.
*Cacophonic: She sings horribly! And she isn't aware of it. If she sings, either bad things will happen or good things will happen.
*Risky: She loves participating in dangerous things. All those years of her stealing while being chased by bullets, avoiding lasers and riding missiles made her quite reckless when thieving. One of those days this is gonna get to her...

*Behind those expressive glasses, her eyes are brown.
*Her brown arms and legs are actually her gloves and leggings. They have the same brown color as what foxes' paws have, though.

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