Blair Sarkas | Characters

Blair Sarkas | Characters

Blair Sarkas by Volk
 Gender: Female
 Height: 6.2 (1.90m)
 Created: December 31st, 2020
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Her name is Blair Sarkas. She is the first born of a militar family, she was trained to fight and be a leader. She is far older than the design suggest. from where she is from, people live longer.
She started her military carrer as soon she was able to, she climbed the ranks to Captain fast. In her second mission as the leader of her Company she took a bad decision that got everyone on her care to get killed. She, being the last to stay alive and as a coping mechanism, developed another personality that fights for her in stressful situations. After the event where she devolped a secondary personality, she flew from her nation, everyone thinks she died in action. In a fight she tries to stay as calms as she can, if things are getting out of control the other personality takes control (Let's call her the other Blair).

Personality: She is calm and likes to read and drink Tea, tries to avoid stressful situations but works as a Bounty Hunter to blow off steam (She says to hate fights but actually she doesn't want to admit she likes to hurt people). She has manners as long as you talk to her with respect. If she has to fight she uses an Akido style of fighting. The Other Blair is the panic buttom, She will fight ruthlessly to win and survive, doesn't mind getting hurt as long she secures survival.

Design: She fights with her fists, She wears comfortable cloths and dress in a procative way now that she can ( She was always part of the military, after getting away from home this is the first time on her life she get to wear whatever she wants). Pony tail so hair doesnt bother her.

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