Monster Leaper | Characters

Monster Leaper | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 8' ft (244 cm)
 Created: October 25th, 2020
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Name: Elpida Klymestra
Age: 27
Languages: Greek/ English

ORIGIN of The Monster Leaper:
The Minoan civilization grew on an isolated mountainous island in the Mediterranean. Being safe from invasion from other civilizations, all they had to deal with was a monster problem. To solve this, they created labyrinths deep in their mountains trapping the monsters. Most monsters struggled to survive in the labyrinths,
but Minoans took advantage of the ones that did survive. Creating spectating areas above the labyrinths, people would watch as brave souls would try to corral or even slay the monsters. This sport became known as Monster Leaping (while this is still a sport they have made more humane changes to it in recent years, such as not counting people who can transform into monsters as monsters).

At the height of their prosperity, a catastrophic eruption from a near by volcano happened, Minoa would have been practically wiped out by the volcano but they were saved by the Monster Leaper champion. The strength of the the first Monster Leaper became a mythic legend granting strength to those who earn the title. The title is earned by champions going through the First Labyrinth and overcoming the monsters and trails in the First Labyrinth.

Elpida is the 213th person to have succeeded the trails and earned the title of Monster Leaper.

-Elpida has strength to defeat most Kaiju and Colossus sized monsters.
-She does this by striking weak points often piercing vital organs or the brains killing them quickly and relatively painless.
-Has the ability to jump up high enough to scale more building sized monsters with two or three jumps.
-knows the biology of most types of monsters and kaiju sized creatures
-more experienced in facing monsters as opposed to humanoids.

-Generally friendly and polite.
- Likes compliments and praise for her work and abilities but doesn't ask for it.
-when a lady is flirting with her she loses composure and struggles to speak in full sentences, loving the attention.
-Has pride in her heritage and will mostly wear dresses of her tradition but she does sometimes wear other stuff.
-Her outfit is a common style of a dress. It's nothing special to keep her chest exposed.
-Used to being seen as weird for what she wears but no longer bothered by that. But will point out the double standard that men can show off their bare chest.
-Wouldn't wear something that shows off her upper legs and thighs.
-Fond of jewelry, prefers wearing simple bronze stuff.

Fights Monsters of most all sizes by punching the weak point really hard.
Doesn't think anything about having her chest exposed.
Big Gay who is weak to flirtation
Look up Minoan fashion for reference on her outfit.

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