Aleyda | Characters

Aleyda | Characters

Aleyda by InvaderDiz
 Gender: Female
 Height: 6ft 5in
 Created: October 18th, 2020
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Aleyda looks like an angel but is actually a magically created guardian, created by a priest who was also a sorcerer, standing at 6ft 5in tall with a wingspan of 23 feet. By her own definition she is an angel, but she knows her origin, and knows she is not a biblical angel. She has silver/white hair pulled into a long braid.
Aleyda does not often enter buildings, as her wings offer a huge movement disadvantage while on the ground.

Aleyda appeared in Void City during Armageddon 2020, the cataclysmic event being enough to shake her from her more than fifty year lament over the loss of her father/ creator.
Aleyda is kind, and strong, talking softly to those who seek her protection, and boldly and loudly to those who seek to do harm to her flock.

She wields a holy sword which she can summon at will, can fly, and heal sickness, disease, and injuries. She cannot bring people back from the dead.

Aleyda is immune to aging, disease and sickness, and while she has regeneration and supernatural strength, her bones are easily broken, like a bird, and she can sustain enough damage to die.

She does not require sustenance but she can eat and drink. She does not suffer from effects of alcohol or drugs. She does not need to sleep, though she can if she so desires. She can read people’s minds if they so allow.

Aleyda lives in an abandoned cathedral in Void City. All those who seek shelter and protection may stay safely under her roost. She calls her flock "The Lost Ones" and they mostly consist of street kids who have nowhere else to go, and do not fit in anywhere else.

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