Prof. Marcia Cortez | Characters

Prof. Marcia Cortez | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 6ft 2in
 Created: October 18th, 2020
Design sheet


Professor Marcia Cortez was born and raised in a predominantly Mexican area in Void City, completely blind, and without arms.
Her father worked as a garbage collector and her mother as a house keeper. Both parents worked incredibly hard to give Marcia every comfort they could afford.
At a young age, it became clear that Marcia was incredibly gifted. Her bedtime stories consisted of scientific journals and biology textbooks. She absorbed it like another child would absorb nursery rhymes. Her incredible intellect gave her an edge in school, and even earned her a scholarship to an elite private college prep academy. With assistance from hear teachers, she developed her first breakthrough invention, cybernetic goggles to give her sight. Before long, she began improving her prosthetics as well.
By college, she had already designed and implemented several upgrades to both her goggles and her arms, and is forever tinkering with them to make them better.
After college, she took a job teaching applied biomechanics, with a side job as a medical examiner for the VCPD.

Marcia is generally friendly, but can can come off as condescending. She is fully aware of how intelligent she is and won’t hesitate to correct someone when they’re wrong.

Marcia has always had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with death. She was at one time suicidal, and did attempt to take her own life (this incident is what left her with her augmented jaw).
She has since gotten help, and is no longer suicidal, her obsession with death now is strictly in learning how different cultures handle it, and the process of death and decay in and of itself. This mindset leads her to dress like somewhat of a funeral director, and use lots of bones and skulls as design inspiration for inventions.

The only augmentation Marcia is not openly willing to display is her jaw, since she personally considers her suicide attempt as a low point, and her jaw being a replacement for a perfectly good bone and flesh one, whereas her arms and goggles are triumphs over adversity. As such she often keeps it covered by a face mask.

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