Nagore’s Bio

Height: 6'0" (including the antlers) Age: 24 ~Summary of current events~ After failing to prevent the destruction of Void City during the 2022 Armageddon as a defender, Nagore has been living in Misty Oasis, where she trains as a disciple under the guidance of Dairyu. She also joined the monster hunter/mercenary group called The Crimson Shield and continues to offer her Meta For Hire services to the inhabitants of the Void Lands. ~Story~ Nagore is a demigod, she's the daughter of the low-rank Elder God Ramunas who shared his soul with her when she was declared stillborn. He raised her with her human mother who is not very fond of Ramunas but is thankful for what he did nonetheless. Nagore and Ramunas are both looked down upon by other elder gods: Ramunas for interfering too much in mortal affairs, and Nagore because she simply shouldn't exist. Since they can't kill another elder god they at least try to erase Nagore from existence sending eldrich golems after her. She got used to it but all these monsters were starting to annoy her human family and on top of that Ramunas' weird worshippers were creeping everyone out. Intending to keep her family out of trouble Nagore decided to move out with Ramunas and work as a meta for hire in the most chaotic place he could take her to. He made an interdimensional portal to Void and there's where their story begins. ~Powers~ Nagore's human appearance is just one of her 3 alternate forms, her most powerful one is of a huge dragon-looking creature. Although she feels more comfortable and is more powerful in her kaiju form it takes too much energy to maintain, and it isn't really convenient in an urban environment so she chooses to stay human-looking and only partially transform when needed: monster arms, sharp teeth, and monster tail are her most common transformations. Abilities besides her transformation: -Super Strenght: doubles on transformed limbs, triples on full monster form -Accelerated healing: recover from bodily injuries and regenerate missing limbs at a fast rate -Flight: can fly very slowly in human form (materializing her tail makes her fly faster) -Energy beam: fires energy beams from antlers (monster form only) -semi-immortality: if she dies she'll resurrect sometime after (must have at least one antler intact) Note: If she breaks one of her antlers the potential of her abilities will be halved and she won't be able to heal as quickly. If both antlers are lost, she reverts to being a normal human with no powers (even her hair turns black). The antlers always grow back after a few days. ~TLDR and extras: -Demigod -can turn into a badass dragon-like kaiju but it depletes her energy faster -human form = power-saving mode -semi-immortal bastard -is weekly chased by assassin golems -won't fully transform near buildings (would rather die than pay for property damages again) -Irises turn red whenever she's regenerating or feeling strong emotions -shares a soul (and a brain cell) with her father -Her personality slightly changes in her monster forms, becoming more uninhibited and leading to reckless behavior. -works as a meta-for-hire (won't help/save strangers for free) -greedy pig -likes trashy martial arts movies -dislikes her father's worshippers but tries to be patient when near them -protective of people she likes -In a romantic relationship with the 2022 Armageddon threat, Vidia -easy-going attitude -short attention span -gayyy -finds her dad's jokes funny as hell (they're not) ~A bit about Ramunas: -low-rank Elder God -liar -have a constant need to be praised -can travel through dimensions using portals (limited times per day) -the skull appearance is how he chose to physically manifest himself on the mortal plane -can't do much in his current form, must be summoned to use his full potential -can manipulate mortal's emotions (uses this to make his worshippers constantly happy) -overestimates Nagore (rarely helps her when she's in trouble) -have weekly orgies with his oldest followers -can create a temporary body for himself (mostly used for orgies) -shameless ho here's her Spotify playlist: (if you need some inspiration!) Ramunas have a playlist too because i'm big ass nerd: