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Picasma by Brobin_Dragon
 Gender: She/her pronouns
 Height: 6 feet*
 Created: October 2nd, 2020
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REFERENCE IMAGE NOTE: Background showing her "Picasma's Gardenia" store and colours for other linearts to be added.

*Neck stretches up to 5 meters out from the body.

Species: Symbiasmas (Alien; AKA "The Life Collectors")

Skull: from the corpse of a Great Gaia Magpie queen

-Necromancy on the dead
-Mind control on willing living creatures.
-Necromanced creatures are essentially immortal, and can only respond to questions/people if they still have intact features required to: ex. a brain and ability to speak or write.
-Necromancy magic can only be used once on a body

-Extremely hard to harm due to space-goop true body. Extremely long-lived.
-Very knowledgable of flower language
-Incredibly mobile. Can even slide/"walk" up walls and ceilings.
-Sclerotic bones can't be sent out from body, but can be left behind for some time.

-Skull, feathers and labcoat are fairly fragile but repairable.
-Ties to Symbiasmas' goal can be exploited
-Necromanced creatures will answer any question(if they could understand/respond whilst alive) truthfully and openly unless given direct orders by Picasma not to.
-Usually keeps butt/base of labcoat plastered to whatever surface she's on, and sticks her neck out a lot.


-A textbook case of "Blue and Orange Morality" https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlueAndOrangeMorality
Picasma: "We respect the dead- we made a whole museum for them!"

-Sassy and will make jokes at your expense
-Will lie and agree with you to continue her own agenda if she needs to (the lies are fairly obvious though)
-Very exhausted with Void/Earth's sentient life forms and finds them rather frustratingly stupid when it comes to logic puzzles versus emotional value, except for floriography, hypocritically
-Comes across as very laid back and chill in public life, but it is a mask for a very studious and curious person
-Loves plantlife and the meanings Earthlings give to nonsentient life as "cute little tidbits of Earthling's daily life" (AKA flower meanings are fascinating and delightful as a hobby)
-A bit like a delightful old lady that will indulge in your 'ridiculous' hobbies for a couple minutes of entertainment, but sees you as a five year old. Pleasant to talk to.
-For fights: she'll swipe at you if you start a fight or if she has to for her goals, but otherwise she's a very neutral party.

Notes on Appearance:

-Magic "necromancy" insignia appears above all zombie-fied creatures under her control
-"Crow's Feet" wrinkles and sunken eyebags
-Skull is a mixture of a realistic human skull and magpie skull. The "floaty discs" are a magpie's sclerotic bones. Feel free to draw the bones as realistic as you like.
-The sclerotic bones can be exaggerated cartoonishly into "!" and etc. to aid with expression. Her facial expressions can also be rather cartoonish in nature.
-She actually sees through the sclerotic bones, not her skull's eye cavities. They move around a lot and usually watch her back.
-Within her lab coat is just abyss, and the feathers are literally just feathers her space-goop true body holds in place.
-I base her body movements off of Yzma from "Emporer's New Groove" and Eris from "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas" movies.
-Tail feathers are also flat on the surface below her.
-When jumping(flying is... not an accurate description haha), her labcoat fwips in the passing wind much like a flag being dragged by something fast.
-Sparkles, gradient in space-goop and number of buttons do not matter at all for comic-drawing consistency. Have fun :P
-Her original form, seen in the bottom right of the reference image, would only be returned to in dire circumstances
-If for some reason you can see up her lab coat, you will be met with an extremely scary eye with a square pupil and iris.


The Symbiasmas have unified as a species to find a specimen of all living life in the universe and, eventually, have a mass museum of knowledge of them all that is perpetual. They are very opened minded in this endeavour, however, they do not realize when their specimens do not have mental stability or intelligence.

When researching a new planet, they travel down in their "true body" form and take over the body - or remains of one - of the species upon it. They tend to have private collections of their past forms back home.

Picasma travelled to Earth many years ago, landing on an island overtaken by Great Gaia birds. She mistakenly thought that they were the dominant species of the planet and possessed the long-dead skull and feathers of one of their queens. Unfortunately, after conversing with the shaken giant Magpie groups, she learned that they only resided on this island and was directed to the mainland to learn of the history and culture of the world.

Since then, she has garnered just enough fashion sense to wear a lab coat and a zealous passion for floriography. Picasma however truly blossomed in the realm of Necromancy magic, and having failed to properly mind control unwilling living -ahem- specimens, has resorted to sending the mildly-zombiefied creatures back to her home planet.

She travelled around, flitting from one graveyard to the next, and within the first 5 years of her stay she went from a no-body Symbiasmas to a mysteriously famous Picasma on her home planet. The true success was in tuning her necromancy talents so that the bodies would answer questions truthfully and willingly to anyone who asked, provided their brain was still intact. On Earth, she would keep a few 'damaged' and 'feral' specimens to aid her in manning a little flower shop next to one of the many graveyards in Void City.
On her home planet, rumour has it that she has not sent a specimen home in months..... Has she successfully completed her Earth mission so soon?

Future Canon Possibilities:

-Giant magpie race comes to steal her back as the 'chosen rebirthed queen'
-Home planet messages her, "Invader Zim" style, asking why she hasn't sent back specimens in so long and if she would like a vacation after all this hard work
-Decides to go back home, but do so with a bang
-Possible radioactive threat against museum >u>

FAQ (aka my friends ask me Once and I must take notes lol)

Q."What does she eat/would she accept food?"
A. Radioactive materials from her home planet, which is reconstructed Star Trek style from a little machine in her home. She doesn't talk about it to anyone though.
If offered food, she'll politely decline - unless it's tea - or take a very small amount to be polite. She can eat though. Daintily.
She can survive 3 weeks without food, doesn't eat much as it is, and for comics purposes... very rarely needs to refuel the food.


nothin' yet ;D

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