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 Gender: Intersexual ( She/Her )
 Height: 5 ft 3 inches
 Created: October 1st, 2020
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National Threat, Demi-God harboring fugitive, and lover for all the worst things: Enarbie Fukui is your average chaos-magnet enthusiast!
Proud leader of Tokyo's infamous female-only yakuza group, formally known as "GuroGirls", En finds herself running from the islands in search of solace in Void City. Her reason being in not accounting for all the powerful entities her pact-mate Asra had pissed off; the duo bit off more than they could chew and now stick to laying as low as possible in the heart of Void.

Age: 24
DOB: April 18th
Short Bio:
Enarbie is a moody, short tempered and stubborn girl with a sensitive trigger finger. Being raised on the streets, she's developed a mean sense of survivability that's only ever heightened since joining forces with Asra. Loyal to her gang and fiercely protective over her loved ones, with or without demonic powers- Enarbie is a force to be reckoned with.

Asra himself is a narcissistic, entitled, and often bratty demi-god of War. His ancestors once bound to serve one family bloodline, has now been stripped of his curse and reborn to a pact with Enarbie, forever in her debt. Although, being reborn comes with it's drawbacks and is now regaining his strength using his host while simultaneously using the few memories his ancestors has left him for guidance.

Personal Details:
- Enarbie and Asra's pink-haired fusion is known as NRB! A more outspoken version of Enarbies own personality with Asra's influence!
- Has abilities such as an aura-reading sense through scent, immense strength, can shift into larger and more monstrous forms, and devouring supernatural spirits gives her the chance of gaining their abilities. ( Demons being a definite and her favorite )
- Living a life of crime comes with its vices! Enarbie and Asra love their women and especially their drugs. Pickpocketing, stickups and eating the rich are regular nights for this gal.
- Being a lowlife doesn't stop Enarbie from caring. When NRB, she's charming and very easy to get along with as long as she's not in a bad mood

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