Winslow Osbow | Characters

Winslow Osbow | Characters

 Title: Tag Team Tournament: Living Dead Party God
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'6
 Created: October 1st, 2020
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It started when Winslow was just a youth, growing up on the edge of a suburbs and a city up within a tropical climate, where the sun bore down constantly and the wind always carried with it the fragrance of fruit, lavender, and barbecues. He can remember a time where he played with other children, ran through the hallways of his childhood home, and when his knees used to be coated in bandaids from constant nicks and scratches. Though he doesn't like to speak of it, Winslow Osbow did, in fact, use to be a normal, happy child.

Everyday, Winslow clings on to these memories as they fade away with time, after the boy began to develop a "Blessing" when he was still little. He found that as he grew up, things began to break more and more from his handling of them, other children were bruised by his mere touch alone, and that this peculiar, newfound strength of his was only continuing to grow. With the accidental demolition of a section of his home when he stumbled and fell into a wall, a group laid their eyes on him and extended a hand to help. Their mission was, and still is to this day, to assist those whose superpowers and unnatural gifts are more a hindrance to their life than an enhancement. And even from a young age, they could tell that Winslow's case was unlike most they had ever seen.

This organization, known as the Preternatural Persons Foundation, is what allowed Winslow a sliver of a chance at normalcy, studying the Blessing he had developed to see what sort of action could be taken to counteract it. They found that as he grew older still, so too did his inhuman strength; upon becoming an adult, they realized that the risk of there being no limit of growth was a very real possibility. Still, Winslow has been managing to try and cope with his predicament, the help from the foundation a small relief.

It has been three years since Winslow moved to Void City ever since it was one of the suggested areas of residence by the PPF (though it was lower on the list than most other options). The foundation still works with him to help him live with his Blessing, offering therapy, resources for living accommodations and job-searching, and routine upkeep for a strength-limiting suit given to him. Currently, he is taking college courses to try and get a degree in engineering, making an attempt to live a peaceful life. What he wants more than anything else, however, is to simply go back to how he was as a child: normal and happy.


Mousey and unassuming, Winslow Osbow is a young man who, at first glance, holds a lack of conviction. He treats everything and everybody with a pointed sense of delicateness, preferring not to touch anything at all if he can help it. He speaks softly, almost muttering his words, and would love nothing more than to occupy as little space in a room as possible. There's a lot of love in Winslow's heart that he very much wants to give, but his fear of hurting others as well as the limitations to the things he can go out and do keeps him from expressing that love as fully as he'd want to.

He believes nothing good can come from his Blessing, and his accidental penchant for harming others and destroying property has led to a slew of other self-esteem and confidence issues. Violence is something he is terrified of engaging in, though living in Void City has desensitized him to the constant stream of fights that break out around him. He fears his own capability of breaking others in half, and he would be hard-pressed to actually fight or directly hurt others if he's engaged on unless in the most absolutely extreme and dire of situations.


Winslow is implausibly, unfathomably strong. The force a normal person exerts to reach down and pick up a small rock is the same amount of force Winslow would naturally exert to reach down and dig his hands into the foundation of a skyscraper to lift it up off the ground. This, however, comes with the drawback that Winslow does not nearly have the degree of raw, superhuman motor skills to be able to fully keep this strength in check. A push from his hand without the suit active can end up with him cleaving through concrete as if it were putty or punching straight through a human being's body as if it were rice paper.

Winslow doesn't have to worry as much about accidentally destroying things with the suit that the foundation has given him. It's made of pointedly rare material that, through some form of scientific process, has enough textile strength to withstand Winslow handling it and acts as a limiter for his strength. Even then, it is not a 100% fix. Someone scaring him could end up with Winslow accidentally putting someone through a wall with a reflexive shove, or shattering someone's arm from reflexively reaching out to grab them for comfort. Along with this, the suit is constantly overtaxed from limiting Winslow, and it is not immune to malfunctions. Though the foundation comes around often for routine check-ups and repairs, these snafus happen just often enough that Winslow is adept at complex mechanical and wiring repairs, on top of mechanical engineering being what he is currently studying.

Some noticeably peculiar side-effects of Winslow's Blessing is the makeup of his own body, no doubt so that it doesn't tear itself apart. It is implausibly dense, and he deceptively weighs far more than he looks. Without the suit, Winslow roughly weighs between 4 to 5 tons, while the suit itself puts an additional 800 lbs of weight onto Winslow's frame. If casually touched, Winslow still feels as soft and squishy as any ordinary person, but a wide majority of material will simply break on him if he is struck, and most blades will shatter if brought down on him. Due to the composition of his suit, it is highly resistant to blunt force trauma but weak to being cut. On top of this, Winslow constantly feels peckish, only feeling full and satisfied for about an hour or two tops from large meals. As a result, along with the massively durable tools he carries with him in his pockets for suit repairs, Winslow tends to carry a lot of nonperishable food and snacks on his person. His favorite things to snack on are jerky and M&Ms.

Not once so far in his adult life has Winslow attempted to test the upper limit for his strength, nor does he ever plan to.

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