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Rip Van Winkle | Characters

Rip Van Winkle by Monday
 Gender: Eccentric Dresser.
 Height: 5'6 Hunch , nearly 6
 Created: October 1st, 2020
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In Nightmares he goes by Rip Van Winkle.
In Dream he is simply Juno Black.

And before you wonder, yes, That Black. A family that has served the government as well as other nations in a global effort to excise demons, neutralize threats to the state, and ultimately hunt other metas too problematic or divergent for humanity's progress. It is therefore this family's role to raise such promising candidates even if some fell outside of their bloodline.

However, Juno's life had been relatively normal. His blood quantum to the family's prodigious tree of nigh superhuman killers is so far out of his league that his parents were afforded the peaceful life and freedom to pursue a life in Void.

It wasn't until Juno's 13th birthday however that he started experiencing dreams that were morbidly detailed, and uncovered circumstantially impossible truths about his family. His father dies that same year.

=The Nightmare=

Everytime Juno experiences death, he reawakens from the last morning where he had 7hours and 38 minutes of sleep.

As for his usage of it, Rip Van Winkle uses it to gain information that typically comes with a one way ticket.

It's uncertain what happens to the unobserved world once he dies, whether he simply dreamt the iterations, transplants his soul back in time while abandoning this one, or he rewinds entropy. It's possible that he remains dead in one of void's many Multiverses. Ultimately however, the ones where he gets to sleep are the only ones that are Canon.

The loops cause immense mental stress which caused his figure to warp , and his hair to whiten . Despite the signs of wear, they do not seem to impede his natural growth, and seems to be telltale tics of his extended life as a death addled Demon Hunter.
Like any human, Juno can die. No amount of death training has inoculated him for this, but mentally he's stopped caring about pain as anything more than a nuisance to another fleeting life.

Rip finds purpose in his work as a Void Hunter, designing his sleep schedules around his next assignment while maintaining a fairly normal life in Void's citizenry. His contacts are few but trusted and for the most part, unrelated to the House of M as they typically demand dubious wetwork or his own power. Apropos to the name, being a Void hunter entails the killing of predatory beings infernal or otherwise, that pose a danger to humans while also acting as humans residing in Void. This has ranged from affluent politicians, violent criminals, or even close friends. As a Hunter, Rip's record is one of the cleanest, on account of his cheat-like ability.

=Combat Style=

When a demon is discovered, he spares no effort in seeing their total destruction through methodical mutilation tactics. Since he's just a regular human, his methods are often very unflashy favoring the use of Knives, Axes, Hammers, or Chains named after the first Hunter who designed them. Rarely does he resorts to guns as their use often produces unpredictable results.

He may also just be testing people at random to see if his suspicions are true /but that would be an unpleasant timeline to find oneself in, and typically not [CANON]. When at last he manages the assignment of disposing a demon and sealing them away Rip Rewards Hmself with a Well Earned Rest...

Unless... something went wrong.

Artist Note: It's possible to Kill Rip in your comics in a non-deathmatch. But it is either considered [Non-Canonical] and his power resets him. Or he simply does not appear in your comics again.

"Failed Timelines" are recognized by JUNO as another Dream, making every comic a timeline he's appeared in at one point. Has he done something uncharacteristic and crazy ?

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