King Jack Queen | Characters

King Jack Queen | Characters

 Gender: Clown
 Height: Tallest in the Room
 Created: August 19th, 2020
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The new self proclaimed Kingpin of Toon Town, King Jack Queen controls the run down neighborhood as the head of the Toon Mafia.

He was once a happy go lucky toon clown; Jacky Hearts only wanted to bring joy and smiles to the world. Unfortunately, Void City isn't the most friendly place especially to a toon. People see toons as a joke and treat them as second class citizens. After the destruction, subsequent abandonment of Toon Town, and an accident which left his funny bone destroyed, Jacky no longer so any reason to smile. Unable to laugh or smile he faded into obscurity only to return as King Jack Queen.

His transformation into the ruthless gangster is a mystery to everyone, with his old identity forgotten. He rules Toon Town through intimidation, extortion, bloodshed, and propaganda. To the Toons, he's a hero who works to get the toons of Void City their fair share. To everyone else he's a psychopathic killer toon clown with a sick sense of humor.

Personality: Usually acts calm and collected. Preferring to use his natural charisma and intimidating presence to get his way. Though has a tendency for violent outbursts when tested. He makes a point to be more patient around his fellow toons.

Ablities: Being a rubberhose era toon, King is able to bend and stretch his body to extreme lengths. Due to his broken sense of humor, his natural toon ability to break the laws of physics known as 'punch line' is unpredictable; it usually only reacts to what King finds funny. Due to his sadistic sense of humor, his punchline often ends in tragedy for others. He also possess high durability common in most toons.

Since his return, King has acquired the ability to manipulate the Ink within him.
The Ink is the lifeblood of all Toons. His power over it allows him to influence other toons subconsciously with his clown charisma. Exposure to The Ink though injection or ingestion will cause any non-toon lifeform to transform into a toon.

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