Amelia Fey | Characters

Amelia Fey | Characters

Amelia Fey by InvaderDiz
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5’10”
 Created: August 7th, 2020
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In a world of meta humans and super heroes, Amelia Fey was born in 1926 as Andrew Fey in New Orleans, LA. In the early 20th century, she didn’t have the sort of support network she needed to live her truth, so she kept her true self hidden.
In 1943, Amelia joined the US Army, lying about her age at the height of the war. After a little less than a year of service, Amelia Fey lost her life during the D Day Normandy invasion, June 6, 1944 (she would later go on to use this date as her birthday, as she’s forgotten some of the things she knew when she was still alive.
Her soul attached itself to her dog tags, which were sent back to her family home. As. The years passed, she became the ghost we see today, the perfect image that she always saw in her mind, what she wished she could see in the mirror as she grew up. She remained in her families house, haunting it, keeping people away, until she met a young man (About 12) who found his way there, lost on vacation with his family.
Jerome Henry, heir to Henry Steel, a Seattle based steel production company.
They became good friends, and after a few years of vacations, Amelia moved to Seattle with Jerome who paid for her college education.
Now Amelia lives more or less a normal life. She is Jerome’s, who is now CEO of Henry Steel, personal assistant. She not only handles the day to day scheduling and operations of Henry Steel, but also Jerome’s passion project, The Defenders.

The Defenders is a Seattle based super hero group funded and operated by Jerome Henry, direct descendent of the American legend John Henry, as the Super Hero, American Spirit. Amelia handles PR, analytics, talent scoping, and all other manners do clerical processes for the team.

Outside of The Defenders, Amelia runs and is closely involved in her own non profit organization, The Amalie’ Organization (named for her mother) Assisting both at risk LGBT+ youth as a well as Veterans. She is also a respected member of the Veteran’s Administration in both Washington and Louisiana.

Amelia has the ability to:
become/make things she touches invisible
become/ make things she touches become incorporeal
immune to sleep (Though she can if she wishes)
immune to death and sickness (can be affected by tools or technology specifically designed to harm or kill a ghost)
beyond peak human intellect

Edit: her soul attached itself to her dog tags and were taken home, but over the years she manifested as a ghost, and is no longer bound to her dog tags.

She has the power to make things she touches turn invisible or incorporeal, but they don’t automatically do so. She can hold objects or wear clothes without them disappearing or falling to the floor. She needs to consciously decide to make them invisible or incorporeal. This is how she can pass through a wall while wearing clothes or holding a cell phone. Also if she makes an object incorporeal while she is incorporeal, she can still interact with it.

Additional powers: Amelia can read a person’s mind, limited to what they are afraid of, and also only by physically passing through them.
She can use this information to haunt, creating visions and sounds of things that aren’t there and shapeshifting to scare people. She can also possess people or objects. A person needs to be very weak minded or gullible for this power to work.

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