Inez | Characters

Inez | Characters

Inez by Juxta
 Gender: Female
 Height: 4’2”
 Created: July 25th, 2020
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Inez is impatient, foul-mouthed, and insensitive. It can often be obvious she is compensating for her physical stature. Her napoleon complex also means she is quite bold and tends to push the boundaries of what she can get away with (as well as who she can deal with) even if she can’t at all.

She is not a fan of small talk and tends to be very direct when she addresses others. Inez’s pursuit of a way out of her host drives most of her actions, as well as an overwhelming idealization of traditional masculine ideology.

Inez reigns from the deep forests of Oaxaca, Mexico. She is one of millions of Chaneque, mischievous spirits who nurture their respective flora and fauna, but have a taste for souls.

Due to an unusual divine intervention, Inez became unwillingly stuck to a young girl she had possessed. Now being fused to such a weak being, Inez desperately seeks a way out. Spirits throughout Mexico rumored of an entity who had the ability to split souls, Tepin. Although not much is known about them, the word of mouth was enough to set Inez on her journey up into the urban disaster of VOID, where it is said he lives.

-Destruction of Machinery-
Through a psychokinetic means, Inez can disable and dismantle nearby machinery (kinetic, mechanical, and electronic). Parts that are destroyed are often replaced with sprouts of flora.

Due to the Chaneque’s immortality, Inez’s spirit can maintain its host indefinitely with no signs of decay (to her dismay). Any physical injury or amputated body part can be regenerated within a day. However, if not provided the rest time to conduct the regeneration, she will be incapacitated just as a human would depending on the damage.

She also has quite a high pain tolerance, but not as much as she boasts.

-Vulnerability to Spiritual/Magic Attacks-
Inez’s primary weakness lies in the paranormal elements that can strike straight through her host and can damage her far more than any physical means. She is also deathly allergic to incense smoke.

-Inez is a strict vegan

-She collects plants and has a soft spot for greenery

-Inez pays a woman named Molly to act as her “guardian” to keep her profile low as a missing child in the city. Molly’s origins are unknown and she currently runs an unsuccessful babysitting business.

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