Cecil Gagnon | Characters

Cecil Gagnon | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'6"
 Created: June 14th, 2020
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Cecil Gagnon
Age: 30
Languages: Spanish, French and English. (Spanish & French being both his mother tongues)

Cecil keeps to himself. He very rarely talks, and when he does his voice is low and hoarse, as if afraid to make too much noise. Most people assume he is very shy or suffers from social anxiety. He doesn't express his thoughts much, but what everyone can tell you about Cecil is that he loves listening to music while he works.

That is how everyone sees Cecil Gagnon.
What Cecil really is like is a completely different matter.

========CURRENT STORY=======

-He's working as a chef in a pub/tavern called "The Lonely Jackal ", he recently convinced the owner to add several recipes Cecil came up with- the meat's flavor being very different, but pleasant from the other dishes in the menu.

- He began stalking and hunting Marie Frankenstein. Both of them ended up worse for wear, but unable to finish the other just yet.

- After falling for Remy's trap and getting mutilated- he was "gifted" a magical mandible that only Remy can turn on and off. He doesn't know how to make full use of it yet.

=======ABILITIES & SKILLS=======

- Strength: He is used to carry very heavy things: scrap metal, boxes, fish, humans...you name it.

-Stealth: He developed this skill when he was a child while in a grocery run. He lived in a very dangerous part of San Judas, so he learned to be as silent as a cockroach. He perfected this skill when he began hunting others.

-Stamina: Used to beatings since childhood, Cecil can deal with both pain and endurance. Sometimes he has to wait until his prey gets tired to catch them.

- Anatomy Knowledge: He knows exactly where and what to cut to render someone completely useless. Or what to push to make the removal of something easier.

- Magical Jaw: A little gift from his new 'friend'. It's bite can cut through a lot, but he hasn't figured out the whole extent of its new abilities.

- Butcher knife
- Meat cleaver
- Teeth

- Cecil loves piggies, thinks they are adorable (and delicious)
- Loves to cook, but isn't that good at it (not for lack of practice, he just prefers most things under cooked)
-When he is in hunting mode, he is way more expressive, and will even chat a bit with his prey. He gets so eager for the hunt he hums or (rarely) sings.
-He has two doves and a dog: A black Afghan hound named Hubert, he has no plans on cooking them. (Doves are named Cuca and Chata)
-He HATES tuna
-Cried when he ate Corico
-Knows the flavor of meat is greatly influenced on the animal's diet. He wants to find out how a human that only eats human meat tastes like. Is a lifelong project he wants to get into someday.

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