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Twalette by BoogidiBzdo
 Gender: A Feminine Product
 Height: 5’8
 Created: June 14th, 2020
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Some years ago at a prestigious medical school, some student attempted an extra credit project. Things didn’t turn out so good and Twalette was created in the process. To maintain an upstanding reputation, the student hid Twalette in a secret locker, only to be summoned when he calls for her. Once summoned out of the secret locker there’s no putting her back in there.

Twalette is loyal to her creator. She will defend him for like forever. She is outgoing and likes to keep things clean. She has impeccable hygiene. She thinks about her creator all the time, his image a guiding light in her head. When she is lost, confused, or in despair, she imagines what he would tell her, this will usually help her.

Twalette wields a magic toilet plunger wand, which can cast a wide array of spells and such. She is still learning to use it. She loads the magic toilet plunger wand with mini TPs (little enchanted toilet paper rolls) which come out of her pores.

Nobody knows exactly how strong she is yet, you need to use the scientific method to find out, empirical observation is key.

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