Dan Uki | Characters

Dan Uki | Characters

Dan Uki by Footini
 Gender: Dude
 Height: Five heads tall
 Created: June 13th, 2020
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Dan's just a working toon trying to make it in show business. You've seen him in hundreds of films throughout the years, often as props. He's come to void city in hopes of getting better roles and really getting his career off the ground. Dan just has to survive the cutthroat Void City movie industry.

Personality: Dan tries to be an easy going toon. High stress working environments make it difficult for a toonuki to keep his cool. Years of living in this business has made him a bit jaded and cynical. His actual mood often comes off as sarcastic and overworked. Dan just needs a hug you know. He's very dedicated to his craft often doing large amounts of research to really get into the role (usually props or stunt doubles).

Powers: Dan is a Toonuki. He has the standard toon abilities of being highly durable and the power of punchline, the ability to alter a scene for the sake of comedy. Since he is an animated tanuki he is able to transform into nearly anything. He can alter his size and shape to fit about any form, he is unable to change his weight and his tail is always visible.

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