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Indigo | Characters

Indigo by Stplmstr
 Title: Heavy Weight Champion 2005
 Gender: Manish
 Height: 5’11
 Created: Prior to recording
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Age: 25
Height: 5’11
Weight: 205
Right handed
Eyes: Green
Blood: A pos

Indigo comes from the suburbs, which? I doesn’t matter their pretty much all the same. He was afflicted with a big mouth at birth and because of it learned to fight at a young age. Then one fate full day he was enrolled in tee-ball and was introduced to the baseball bat. The bat became his weapon of choice. His years of practice have made him a bat wielder of premier ability, so much so that he custom made a stainless steel bat. (He paints it to look like wood every now and again. Just so he can watch tough guys hurt themselves trying to break the “wooden” bat.) At the age of 16 he (through less than tactful means) procured the polykinetic units, or “floatie thingies” as he calls them. (See intro story for how these work.) His new weapons opened a world of possibility, which he (unhappily) discovered he was not properly trained to wield. Because of this he went into an intensive training regiment, going from one master to the next picking up the needed skills. (Belt yourself in the head with energy nun chucks and you probably would to.) He now wields most weapons at a fairly moderate level. (Slightly excelling at the blunter objects. They’re more like bats.) With this he had his hand-to-hand abilities refined and sharpened to a high degree. Now at the age of 27, after hearing rumors of all the heavy hitting fighters who had bit the dust in void city he has come to further his training. He is driven by the desire to find a cause that can finally break through his apathy towards most things, being prepared for this event it was pushes him to fight and train. His is a cynic yet also a romantic at heart (a side he keeps well hidden)

-During his 12 years of training the man from who he procured the “floatie things” returned to claim his property. (The FT’s were part of a larger suit of techno armor) In a pitched battle Indigo defeated the man but was left scared “as in very” and now wears bandages to cover the wounds. (They run over 80% of his body.

-A note about the Polykinetic units (FT) they are based on nano technology (a mixture of organic and inorganic units.) The organic units take over should something like an EMP go off in the area. When first placed upon his arms he was injected with the nano bots. (His body is riddled with them. The body nano\'s are what relay signals to the bots still in the units. If the units themselves are knocked offline he only has to touch them with some exposed flesh to reactivate them. (The ones in his body will diagnose and repair any damage.) They produce their effects by re-channaling the kinetic energy around them. Flapping his arms will charge the units. The weapons produced are made of energy but unlike light sabers they do not burn. (I.e. A fighter could catch a down ward slash between his palms.) Conversely these energy’s can create blades that are extremely sharp, all weapons are terribly durable.

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