Shibo | Characters

Shibo | Characters

Shibo by MrPr1993
 Gender: Male
 Height: 10'0"
 Created: April 30th, 2020
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Name: Shibo Tsumujikaze

Title/Epithet/Nickname: The Boulder

Age: 23

Weight: Extremely Heavy

Likes: Food, Peace, Honor

Dislikes: Bad Food, Evil, Dishonor

Fighting Style: He relies on using his heavy body and a lil' help with ninjutsu. He also has skills in martial arts and sumo wrestling.

Strength, Abilities & Weaknesses: He is a lot more agile than he looks. He's pretty fast and can even keep up with a normal-sized trained ninja. His body is also extremely tough, to the point that most bludgeon and bladed attacks can simply bounce off him. Won't do good if the enemy has super strength, however. He's also a huge target, and he isn't the type who can fit through places a normal-sized person can fit on to sneak in.

Other: He is a pretty skilled cook and multilingual.

Bio: Son of a king's personal cook, he dreamed of becoming a ninja as they were roaming around the place doing their duties; as bodyguards and spies and tasked on missions. He secretly learned little tricks from them as time went on. His wish came true after foiling a theft attempt thanks to the use of his pretty large body and crushing them, metaphorically and literally. This convinced the king to have Shibo be trained to become one of his new personal bodyguards and tasker, given the nickname "The Boulder".

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