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Taboo | Characters

Taboo by RanZombie
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: March 30th, 2020
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Once a charismatic and knowledgeable warlock, Taboo was humbled after receiving the curse that so drastically altered his life. Initially blessed with bountiful life, he is now cursed with unending death. His body remains in a constant state of self rotting and regeneration.

Unable to remove this affliction, he instead retired himself from the spotlight he had once gained through his craft.

Now, rather than trying to make use of the occult arts for his own benefit, he offers his services as a sort of witch doctor and occult investigator. For a price of course. Man's got to eat.

+Extra Details:
-He has vast knowledge over most types of occult history and studies.
-Due to his condition, he leads a solitary life.
-He has some ads on the internet and papers for his services, but may approach potential customers who he identifies as being in need of his help.
- He's heard almost every type of joke and insult you can throw at him about his condition, to the point that any repetitions will go unnoticed.
-He doesn't actually own an office, so he will tend to meet clients at a designated spot or his apartment, depending on the circumstances of the case.
- He has decent aim, but due to his almost immortal nature, he risks taking shots up close.
-His regenerative powers will instantly heal any minor wounds and rapidly close deep ones. He is unable to regrow limbs from scratch, however. But, he is able to reattach them.

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